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  1. Sup man!  Welcome back!
    I noticed your display name on the website - check out this post on how to change your name from "VG-Hans" to "=VG= Hans"

    1. =VG=Hans


      Sorry mate mistake :D better now ?

    2. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Very close.... Just add a "space" between the =VG= and the name Hans -- like this =VG=Hans --> =VG= Hans


  2. WB man

    1. =VG=Hans


      Hi Blud hope you are better now

  3. Welcome Mr . Lansolo
  4. By Dokuments/My Games/Company of Heroes Relaunch/playback/ the Datei Temp erase than multiplayer not crash !!! and new fix from may 8 is open
  5. fix only run in singleplayer modus multiplayer crash !!! we have to wait for a new update
  6. I have try it = Blitz is the best one
  7. Happy Veterans Day guys
  8. Welcome and enjoy
  9. of corse yes, i pay for FH and i,m dissapointet that nobody tell me that we have an new server, now running with one map, i,m and savage manage bevor the maps, and i will doe it again if you like. Fh is a part from VG i have a lot of fun there, where the server,s location ? it,s up to you Blud, but please not in Alaska..
  10. Hans#2710
  11. I,m waiting to May 15
  12. if US don,t have the prohibition bevore, we not have the great Movie and Music from (once upon a time in Amerika)
  13. Savage=good boy always support we love u
  14. hear hear. yep we,re a big Family, and this Family need food, so guys please, don,t forget to spend a little money for the great VG servers.