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  1. 602353-4201920004528-769535856-n.jpg

    Bcus ppl in the server sometimes fly like that lol.
  2. Howdy y'all!

    Sup man, welcome to VG.
  3. " Hello " ..

  4. Patches for my R12

    For what?
  5. Hi everyone

    Welcome! Thanks for the intro.
  6. Hello

    Welcome to VG!
  7. A bit late

    Welcome aboard man.
  8. See TEDF in action

    Nice vid guys.
  9. I am Back!

    Wb man.
  10. Site looks good sem. Nice job with what you're doing. I like it!

    1. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Thanks! That means a lot coming from you!  Hope you have a happy Father's Day, man :drinks:

  11. Website upgrade - READ ME

    Ok np bro. Thanks again. Blud.
  12. Website upgrade - READ ME

    Looks good solar thanks bro. I just see couple things that are different. The donate now doesn't show names of donors and the gfx for the user theme selection area are just default gfx. Do we need to upload them again?
  13. Thx again bro...blud

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Awesome new Design. Thx Bro.


  14. question

    And 105 every six months for IPS plus like 30 or so for theme..thx sem for the panel.
  15. Where did vg go?

    Ummmmmm....yeah. sorry guys I gotta re hook up my pc and get back to VG again.
  16. Hello everyone...

    Sup man, welcome to VG! Blud
  17. Merry Christmas ;)

    Merry Christmas everyone, hope it's great! Blud.

    ONCE A MARINE ALWAYS A MARINE! (adult humor PG13) On their 50th anniversary, a wife found the negligee she wore on her wedding night and put it on. She went to her husband, a retired Marine , and asked, ?Honey, do you remember this?" He looked up from his newspaper and said; "Yes dear, I do. You wore that same negligee the night we were married" She said, "Yes, that's right. Do you remember what you said to me that night? He nodded and said "Yes dear, I said: Oh baby, I'm going to suck the life out of those boobs and screw your brains out." She giggled and said, "That's exactly what you said. So now it's fifty years later, and I'm in the same negligee. What do you have to say tonight ?" He looked her up and down and said, " Mission Accomplished."
  19. Long Due Introduction

    Sup man welcome to VG. Appreciate the nice intro and thanks for the support. Blud
  20. Hey yall

    Sup moon, welcome aboard. Thanks for the nice intro, look forward to seeing you out there. Oorah. Blud.
  21. Star Wars Battlefront II Beta

    Hi guys, I pre-ordered star wars battlefront II and got access to the early beta and its kinda fun. If anyone else has it add me on Origin username is the same BLuDKLoT and maybe we can get a few games in. The gfx are amazing! The dogfights take some getting used to, but it's really been fun so far, I've been doing more of the ground n pound and loving it. Lemme know if anyone has it or plans to get it. Blud