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  1. That's cool man
  2. Sup Oliver, welcome to VG. Thanks for the post and do good in school! Blud
  3. Sup Mel, welcome aboard. Thanks for the intro man and you'll get there after the learning curve. Blud
  4. know me better

    Sup man, thanks for posting. Keep hanging around and maybe you'll be VG one day ... Blud
  5. Sup man, thanks for the nice intro. Welcome to VG. Blud
  6. Sup man welcome to the site. Thanks for the intro, glad you enjoy the servers. Blud
  7. Back in the day...

    Sup gamer jizzpool, I remember back in the day, if you wanted to have some fun online with VG members, we could all be found in PR at some point during the day. As I play more frequently these days, I miss the times with all my old VG bros! It's all new guys now and although I'm still having a good time, I miss not having any of my fellow VG mates to play with (except the regulars). I know times change and we all like our different games these days, but as I view different games to buy, there really aren't any current games out there that appeal to me. I think there are a few games out there that we all might be able to rally behind, but I'm interested to hear your thoughts. Is there a game, or anything else that we can do to bring back more frequent mass clan gaming time? I need some bromancing fuckers this shit getting serious! I'm talking about games where we can all join and play together in. There aren't many, so I was wondering.....what do you think? Non clan members can't post their thoughts or ideas as well please. tyvm! Carry on. Blud
  8. Sup man welcome aboard. Appreciate the intro, thanks for the post. Blud
  9. Sup four, welcome to VG. Nice intro man, thanks for posting. Blud
  10. Yesssss! Awesome selection teddy, love it! Hope to get some soon. Blud
  11. Hey man welcome aboard. Thanks for the intro. See you out there! Blud
  12. Welcome back man thanks for the post. Blud
  13. Welcome to VG man lol ... Blud
  14. Thx again bro

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      =VG= Rotblut

      It's an honour

  15. Hi jacket welcome to VG. Thanks for the intro. Blud.
  16. Ya thanks Cobalt. Blud
  17. Oops
  18. For those of you that like team play based games like me, then you'll like this! It's COD meets PR in a strange kinda way. I'm really enjoying this game! I wish more VG guys had it it be cool to do a VG 5 man stack on these maps. GFX are great, AI are lethal, maps are fun, weapons good, overall this game delivers more than I expected. If you have it hmu and lets play!
  19. Welcome back man thanks for the post. See you out there..Blud
  20. You can use our ts3 man we can make section for you.
  21. Ya i can't do bms bcus of that same mini stick cursor issue sliding my cursor to edge of fcr can't lock on target's so it's pointless to even fly.
  22. I can't see where to contact fcc bro
  23. Wow nice job sem. Thk u.
  24. Thx bro