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  1. Sup man welcome to VG. Appreciate the nice intro and thanks for the support. Blud
  2. Sup moon, welcome aboard. Thanks for the nice intro, look forward to seeing you out there. Oorah. Blud.
  3. It doesn't detect my x52 but can use 360 controller
  4. I'm down to try this, I just need to get my BMS updated and working again. And also get past the learning curve as it's been so long since I've played. Blud
  5. introduction

    Hi Daniel, welcome aboard. Blud
  6. Hi guys, I pre-ordered star wars battlefront II and got access to the early beta and its kinda fun. If anyone else has it add me on Origin username is the same BLuDKLoT and maybe we can get a few games in. The gfx are amazing! The dogfights take some getting used to, but it's really been fun so far, I've been doing more of the ground n pound and loving it. Lemme know if anyone has it or plans to get it. Blud
  7. That's cool man
  8. Sup Oliver, welcome to VG. Thanks for the post and do good in school! Blud
  9. Sup Mel, welcome aboard. Thanks for the intro man and you'll get there after the learning curve. Blud
  10. know me better

    Sup man, thanks for posting. Keep hanging around and maybe you'll be VG one day ... Blud
  11. Sup man, thanks for the nice intro. Welcome to VG. Blud
  12. Sup man welcome to the site. Thanks for the intro, glad you enjoy the servers. Blud
  13. Sup man welcome aboard. Appreciate the intro, thanks for the post. Blud
  14. Sup four, welcome to VG. Nice intro man, thanks for posting. Blud