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  1. Also still waiting on outlawz to finish some work so I can use it.
  2. Dont worry, I didnt take any offense or anything like that. I just think it was a bad call for alex to put something we (I) drunkenly did.
  3. Sbeneh is still heavy wip, tbh not sure why Alex put it in the map pack.
  4. Rabbit032, TH and Casual only. I usually play drunk.
  5. I have a feeling I am the only one who wants a nice light inf (supply humvees and .50 humvees) with an A-10 on Whoa black betty?
  6. Map pack will be added to 1.4, so scrapping the installer idea.
  7. If you guys want a auto installer I know someone who can make it, the post on the PR forums can be edited with an alternate download for that version.