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    Dragon Fly: SAS - Squad lead plz Bijar: Heavy Weapons squad lead plz Barracuda: Infantry squad leader #2 plz All good if not possible.
  2. Mectus is correct, Recon did make it enjoyable. Fallujah and Karbala were ok (except for the crashing but it can't be helped), but Ramiel was a complete failure.
  3. PR : Campaign Episode I

    I think we should talk between the squad leaders before we head up a plan. We are on ts3 when needed.
  4. PR : Campaign Episode I

    I have 2 questions: Are we able to get more intel about how the units are meant to operate? What are the Objectives? Or will this information be given out at a later date.
  5. PR : Campaign Episode I

    I'll take Squad Leader for the Navy Seals or Mechanized Infantry please.
  6. PR : Campaign Episode I

    M823us and Myself would like to lock in 2 positions for Squad Leaders if possible.
  7. Looking to join

    I concur with Mectus! Good luck M823us !smoke
  8. This is why "I" can't have nice things..

    Is that your Nobel steed? RIDE HER INTO BATTLE !mental
  9. Casual Round.

    Tophat just doing his thing on Albasrah. We actually got 345 in the end.
  10. PR:BF2 VIP Rescue info + signup

    I will take any roll thanks.
  11. PR:BF2 VIP Rescue info + signup

    Sign me up.
  12. Server Crashes

    Gday Guys, I've been playing PR a lot more recently and have notice a lot more server crashes. Today (15/10.2013) the server crashed 4 times and counting after completing of Muttrah City and Loading of new map, the server seems to be crashing after loading Muttrah City no matter what map is in rotation after completion of Muttrah. Thanks.