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  1. Fix Hill 488, Melon!


    Date: Jun 5 , 2015 Player: VirusX2007 Reason: Multiple Tk's Notes: Player was seen and caught shooting team players on the carrier of Saaremaa. Date: Jun 5.2015 Player: aQua311 Reason: Destroying assets and multiple Tk's Notes: Player was caught destroying a CAS Huey that was loaded with team players. Not sure of the weapon...possibly C4 or LAT on Saaremaa. Name: Godfried Date Banned: Jun 9, 2015 Reasoning: Multiple Tk's Notes Player started to TK everyone at main, including me, on Charlies Point. Meant to TB him but there was a typo in the command, sorry about that. In my opinion he/she was a newbie and didn't know better and suggest keeping in eye on the player for awhile. m823us LAN_WROTE ... This guy I attempted to ban last night before my crash for multiple TK and placing C4 on admin's tactical boat the map before Charlies Point. Thank you. Name:>==WZ====----------> Date Banned: June 10, 2015 Reasoning: Intentionally TK'd other players for assets. One manning multi manned assets, was warned multiple times. Witnessed by other admin, keed. Meiz LAN_WROTE ... Keep an eye on BF2-Athion-5208, noticed he had some team kills in main base and was shooting at things with atgm and cannon from a bot cas heli when i spawned in. Left before i could do anything I kicked that guy last night for stealing assets also.
  3. Oliver M.D's VG CoOp Video Series

  4. Hallucinations... CONFIRMED

  5. Hello gents ;)

  6. Hello again

  7. Dying Light

    Just bought a ASUS R7 250X for $99 at Neweeg. It's Crossfire ready, handles really nice.
  8. battlefield 2 install from disk

    Did you try to run it in compatibility mode?
  9. Apply for Admin at VG PR CO OP server

    250 hours of game play is admirable, but how your algorithm of thought and reasoning processes rate to the amount of game play you have achieved. What I'm trying to say is that I've have been playing PR since the better part of 8 years, since .8**, and it took me a better part of 4 years before I was considered for admin for USF and 3rdAIU servers when they were around. An admin not only have to demonstrate good teamwork and courtesy, they also have to show indifference which I've seen in the past from other admins is lack there of. It's my opinion that we should watch Tough's actions of character for awhile before stepping up the relationship with the server.
  10. Application for Admin at VG PR CO OP server.

    I have played with Stark for sometime now and I think he would make a great admin.
  11. BOT skill level.

    The increase in difficulty, should be viewed as what it is...an increase in difficulty. Us veterans can relate to that, but with the different views of opinion, as Melon stated is stemmed from opinions from new players and opinions from veterans. I believe the increase in difficulty makes game play more realistic hence the name of the game, "Project Reality". I can understand the point of view from jesus, but Melon is right...the increase in difficulty would make you dig deeper into strategies and tactics. Think of it like playing deployment with out the human OPFOR. I for one like it. :)
  12. SQUAD!!!

    I have just checked out the video on the upcoming new PR ?mod?. SQUAD...does anyone have the dope on the game, other than the video....like a release date or gameplay?
  13. New internet speeds

    BLuDKLoT =VG= LAN_WROTE ... FUCK YA! WTF do you have FIbOp directly to your house?
  14. New internet speeds

    Have to test it a couple of times to get accurate results.
  15. Why do you play at VETERANS-GAMING?

    The level of seriousness on the PR server is what I was looking for. Even though there are more newbies joining in recently, the gameplay stays focused. Hats off to the super admins for the COOP server....YES THAT INCLUDES YOU MELON!