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  1. Blind passenger

    Lol, nice one. It reminds me of this picture :p.
  2. Santa 2016

    One of the ugliest but also unique/interesting liveries in the sim.
  3. Goose Green is a flag on the larger Falklands map, the image below shows the area of the standalone Goose Green map. The big Falklands map is very plain though due to its size, there's not much variety and very little detail, because of that playing as infantry can be a little dull.
  4. I can't really offer much about your PR question but 1 thing to keep in mind (for all games/sims) with the TM Hotas is that although it's probably the best setup on the market at the moment it does not have a twist rudder on the stick (i assume that's because it's a replica of the real A-10) so buying some rudder pedals is essential too.
  5. Project Reality Headtracking?

    As Brain said the original BF2Freelook no longer works BUT there is an edited/fixed version that will work with the latest version of PR (Forgotten Hope 2 also works with it from memory) which can be found on the second post from the top of this page (Project Reality Forum) along with instructions on how to get it working. So, headtracking actually does work still, sort of. From the sounds of things it might not work with the TrackIR software (although i'm not 100% sure about that) but it definitely works with FacetrackNOIR, so webcam only face tracking, a homemade headtracker, or the cheaper headtracking kits like Delanclip or Trackhat, etc should all still work.
  6. World War 1 seen through Battlefield (1)

    Haha! That was great, i especially liked the ending. I played the beta for like 15 hours and never saw anything like in this video... sadly.. I would have loved to see some of that first hand.
  7. Keys just arrived

    Yeah the price is pretty ridiculous.. If you want the package that includes all the expansion packs, which you pretty much need because you only have something like 5 maps without it, you have to pay like US$130.00. I've had some fun with the Beta but not enough to justify that sort of price tag for it, or for any other game really.
  8. Keys just arrived

    It's available for everyone now. Just go to the Origin store> Free Games> Demos and Betas section.
  9. Me SPIE rigging, 1st time, Okinawa

    Geeze, i hate heights so my hands got a little sweaty just watching that.. it must have been a great experience. Thanks for sharing, Awesome video!
  10. Missing Co-op maps

    Well, I'll try to get them packaged up in a zip file and uploaded for you in the next couple of days if you like, it would be good to possibly see the maps get used again for an event or something. Some of them are quite small compared to current PR standards, the old .5kmx.5km ones but all of them together are only like 500mb unzipped so i may aswell just send you all of them. What would be the best place to upload them? I hear Dropbox get mentioned a lot but have never used it myself... is that the best place? I've got Battle For Qinling aswell if you want me to include that, but, well, that wasn't the most exciting map...
  11. Missing Co-op maps

    The installer for the pack only allows you to install to PR .97 but if the maps are wanted by someone to go through and update to the latest version i still have PR.97 aswell so i can install the pack and just zip up the map folders. So, if someone wants them just let me know and I'll try to figure out a way to send them over, it's' up to you guys though, i don't know anything about how to update them to work with the latest version of PR or how much work would be involved with it.
  12. Missing Co-op maps

    I'm not sure if these are the same maps/pack that Blud or Fastjack seem to have found or if they're what people are looking for but I'll list them anyway just in case they're different. I still have a map pack i downloaded waaaaay back in 2011 that has the following maps.
  13. Congratulations Stark! Welcome to VG :).

    1. =VG= STARK

      =VG= STARK

      Thank you Meiz. 

  14. My little paradise

    Wow, that's an awesome view! I'm pretty damn jealous .
  15. Screen-160525-125518.jpg

    I guess i probably should have added a description to my images . Yeah Static, it's DCS in the new Gazelle module. I know it wasn't in your question but it's not one i would recommend to most people. I just bought it to keep me occupied and give me something new to learn about while waiting for the F/A-18c.