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  1. Greetings every one.

    Welcome to the community. Im also new and everyone here is awesome. You should enjoy being apart of this community. :)
  2. In need of help :)

    Well I talked with a few companies and I'm awaiting back to see if any of them want to sponsor me.
  3. In need of help :)

    Its ok it didnt come off as being a dick to me :)
  4. In need of help :)

    No I was asking if anyone had any older parts laying around that was better than the ones I was using.
  5. In need of help :)

    Shilling thats the problem, I live off a pension and dont have any extra money for anything,
  6. In need of help :)

    From what I can smell, it fried also.
  7. In need of help :)

    Semler from all the research I did and from what people have been telling me on tech forums, thats what I've been told. My mobo has 1 slot for the GPU and 2 white slots. Murder the CPU thats in this MOBO is a quad core Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.20 GHRZ 3.19 GHRZ. Here is a link to my motherboard. http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P5GD1VM/
  8. Hello :)

  9. In need of help :)

    The mobo I'm using now is an Asus P5DG1-VM/S. Murder I have no clue about that.
  10. In need of help :)

    Lol I'm looking for anyone who has any spare parts laying around. My MSI mobo went out along with the processor. It was an old mobo that only had a duo core CPU. The mobo I'm using now is an 8 year old one and the new video card that I have isnt compatible with it :/ . The video card is to new for it.
  11. Hello :)

    Thanks :D
  12. Hello :)

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. :D Hopefully soon ill come across some money or some thing so I can get a new computer and play with you guys.
  13. Hello :)

    Lol hope its not the end!
  14. PTSD?

    Thanks :) thats why I came to this site, looking for people who've been through what I have. You feel better knowing you arent alone out there.
  15. PTSD?

    I've been on about 10 different types of meds. They've tried therapy with groups and 1 on 1. I came to the conclusion I'll have it the rest of my life and just to learn to live with it.