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  1. Hey welcome back , amazing photos.
  2. This may help with possible builds and compatibility . https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/
  3. It was good. Plenty of enemy armor on the second map.
  4. Welcome Back CNJ : )
  5. The dog and i at Southend waterfront yesterday. Not quite as glamorous as Muttrah City.
  6. Yes font looks much better but compass still has same resolution.
  7. Good job Kav. Nice work.
  8. I think player Volod will like this. Awesome video.
  9. Yes Good luck. Sorry to hear.
  10. https://www.gametracker.com/player/{USA}_buk_fastid/ Last Seen: Mar 08, 2015 4:00 AM according to GT.
  11. Absolute classic. Love it : )
  12. Hi, Just reinstalled W7 64 and Pr and i noticed that the Effects Quality setting is not available. Its not really a problem, i was just curious . Any ideas guys. Thanks.
  13. Ok guys thanks. Yes "forced to max" update did cross my mind.
  14. Hi Blonk. If you would like to Appeal your Ban, please provide the following information: 1. Banned Username: 2. What Server(s): 3. When did this happen: 4. The reason you were banned: 5. Describe the events leading up to your ban: 6. Personal Statement:
  15. I`m down for Delta Squad as Breacher if possible. Kav: Copy that Stark, see you on the mission.
  16. Awesome post man. Most interesting. Never knew "wilco" meant "will comply".
  17. You will be fine. No pressure.
  18. Hi guys. Just upgraded W7 Ultimate to W10 Pro . Now Project Reality will not run. The icon appears for a few seconds but game does not start. Tried running from the install folder but no joy. Should i reinstall pr or am i missing something here. I also tried installing DX 9 but received an error message regarding compatibility with W 10. I chose to transfer files and apps from W7 when i upgraded , could this be the problem. I checked firewall permissions and pr seems ok . Forgotten hope mod is working fine.
  19. Ok reinstalled PR , its ok now, yes next time i`m gonna do a clean install, format HDD . But for now im good. : )
  20. Ok thanks guys. Gonna try reinstall of PR.
  21. Project Reality Update has been released.
  22. Haha Welcome Albert. First maps were Muttrah and Kashan for me. I used to walk to crate then freak out and quit the game. Some guy asked me if i was "revivable" . I had no clue what state i was in : )
  23. Thanks Martin, also there`s a Team speak update .
  24. Hi Kav . I messed up with my internet bill. Virgin have suspended my service. I will try and sort it out for the event. If not i wont have internet at home until tues 11th / weds 12th. Sorry about that .  

    1. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      No problem Stark, I'll leave you in the squad right up until the event starts, if you're not there I'll open it up to randoms.

      And thanks for letting me know.



  25. Sounds Good, but i have hardly any commander experience , or does it not matter with this particular scenario.