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  1. Hello

    Hi welcome, see you on the battlefield.
  2. A bit late

    Acknowledged and Confirmed.
  3. Hi everyone

    Hello KaroleX, welcome .
  4. Heyy all

    Welcome Dude.
  5. WSAD Versus TGFH Key binds

    Hi guys. Just watched this video and it got me thinking.
  6. Introduction

    Hi man, welcome. See you on the battlefield.
  7. Microphone Upgrade

    Hi Guys, Need some advice choosing a new usb Mic (XLR is overkill atm) . Here are some that interest me. 1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Marantz-Professional-Condenser-Microphone-Instruments/dp/B01GJ9IUNY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1533831711&sr=8-2&keywords=marantz%2Bpro%2Busb%2Bmic&th=1 £79.00 2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Audio-Technica-AT2020-Cardioid-Condenser-Microphone/dp/B0006H92QK/ref=sr_1_1?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1533833049&sr=1-1&keywords=Audio-Technica+AT2020+Condenser+Mic £83.00 I trust these two manufacturers . The Audio Technica is looking good so far. what do you guys think. Im open to suggestions and may be able to go up to £120.00 if pushed , for the next model up.
  8. So many changes...

    Wow man, take it easy . Great to see you back .
  9. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Any progress yet Green ? Hard drive and ram ok ? Anti virus software slowing things down ?
  10. Microphone Upgrade

    Primary use will be gaming , and occassionaly some acoustic guitar recording. I guess i take a look at some cheaper stuff. But not much cheaper : ) Thanks for input guys.
  11. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Bug report. Kashan Desert Large . Tow emplacements not working also AA emplacements . "Cannot use"message. (reported by Sgt.Geroy) Outpost Std crashed after capping first flag. (reported by Jersans) Route-E Std HMG emplacements not working. Also Tow and AA . "Cannot Use " message
  12. Newbie

    Haha Awesome : )
  13. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    Yep me too
  14. H8CrazyVet67

    H8CrazyVet will be sorley missed. Was great fun to be around.
  15. SSD upgrade from mechanical drive

    Hi all. I want to install an ssd , i like the look of Samsung 860 Pro 250gb . Currently on sale at Amazon for £107.17 . Should i just buy it, or does anyone know know of a better alternative. And will it help me get to the logy truck faster : ) Many Thanks.
  16. SSD upgrade from mechanical drive

    Ok thanks Rotblut.
  17. SSD upgrade from mechanical drive

    OK thanks again guys i ordered the Evo 860 500gb. Should arrive Saturday Morning. £108 with priority delivery.
  18. SSD upgrade from mechanical drive

    Ok thanks guys, i will take a look at the Evo .
  19. PR Updates -

    Updated bomb car AI to be more aggressive and aim to drive into the enemy. : )
  20. Cant connect or retrieve account

    Hi guys i cant connect to project Reality server got this error (10060) Played fine last night no problems. So i deleted my account. On retrieval of account i got another error. (see below) Project Reality Log File PRLauncher.exe started at: 2018-05-05T17:24:46 Critical Error: An unhandled exception has occured. Details are as follows: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Further details can be found in the following file: [url]C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\bin\PRLauncher.log[/url] Please report this error to the Project Reality Team, and include the log file in your report. [url="http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f27-pr-bf2-support"]Visit Support Forum[/url] > System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Reality.BF2.GameSpy.GameSpyConnection.LogOut() at Reality.BF2.GameSpy.GameSpyConnection.Dispose(Boolean ) at Reality.BF2.GameSpy.GameSpyConnection.Dispose() at PRLauncher.WPF.ViewModel.Pages.FirstTimeRetrieveAccountPageViewModel.f.a(Object a, RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.OnRunWorkerCompleted(RunWorkerCompletedEventArgs e) at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs) at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)
  21. Cant connect or retrieve account

    Hi M8 yes crisis over thanks. reopened ports on router . Deleted all profiles. Created new offline profile . Loaded a map then quit game . Then retrieved online account. Works fine now .
  22. Cant connect or retrieve account

    (Edited) Ok, apparently none of my ports are forwarded properly . I will take a look at router settings. : (
  23. Need help, PC died.

    Awesome news mate : )
  24. STRONTIUM_DOG is back on land :)

    Hey welcome back , amazing photos.
  25. Need help, PC died.

    This may help with possible builds and compatibility . https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/