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  1. Project Reality OPFOR

    I haven't played PR that long but for training purposes the OPFOR event allowed me to know what to expect from enemy kits. Of course, apart from mostly having no optics and being able to suppress an entire squad with just an SMG. Yeah would be fun for us.
  2. Silly PR Co-op Screenshots

    More stuff for you all. Some of it is months old but still alright. --- We ain't cannon fodder if we're the highest scoring inf squad. Plane, you shouldn't be landed here. Rngd20009 discovers what flinging is Round end server lag? How timely Server lag on optics Logistics squad is best squad on Muttrah. Nice =]H[= De4dbyD4wn
  3. Sledg4hamm4r says hello

    Hi Sledge. You're the Dutch pilot right? I don't remember. Anyways you probably seen me running around training inf and talking too much on Mumble a few times, nice to see you here.
  4. Silly PR Co-op Screenshots

    More stuff. OPFOR cemetery endgame "How do you vote map? By not voting Kashan" Oh me MEC stair case disco Opla opla Squalie getting shot in the head while we're getting pictures Not getting shot type Tangfiend calling it twinbrofist TKing a friendly pilot on main and then later stole his helicopter. JC decided he didn't want to file a report but when twinbrofist later wanted to join our squad it became funny. Same as above twinbrofist TKing Shilling (who was in a heli) log. Yeah it was silly when twin wanted to join Shilling's squad.
  5. hvr1's PR co-op random videos

    More for everyone Reporting for duty near the end of the game Yesterday's silly VoIP players with some kid trying to get in Shilling's squad and that one drunk Russian.
  6. [poll] Killing Floor Summer Sideshow Pier Of Pain

    Finally got Steampunk Mrs. Foster a bit ago. Wasn't too easy though.
  7. [poll] Killing Floor Summer Sideshow Pier Of Pain

    Spent an hour and 40 mins looking for the damned clown dolls, and a guy joins and finds the last one on spec. I wish the models weren't so laggy though, they look fun.
  8. Hello guys :)

    Hey Solo. I think I seen you in game sometime. You probably hear on my PR Mumble because I chat too much but hey when the AT's out of ammo I give.
  9. Silly PR Co-op Screenshots

    Got some more good stuff from the good server. Dr_Donut_PR breaking the rules, on the bot team. Sam took care of him though despite he was told please to switch. It gets better. Now Dr_Donut_PR reports a rule breaker. See how quick he changed from breaking the rules to calling for admin help? "I'll put a fucking AT to your face" xBacon sure knows how to defuse an explosive situation huh? Good day on Muttrah, four 1-man squads HMG Mountain on Barracuda.
  10. Silly PR Co-op Screenshots

    Here's more* for you all, got more to upload but not today. Bro tip: Don't lock your squad when melon_muncher is around Bro tip: Don't call aarongooding f--kface Bro tip: Don't join the bot team when Poffadder00 is online Not so bro tip: That's not how you park an APC
  11. hvr1's PR co-op random videos

    I shoot video. A lot. Almost as much as I take snapshots. I'm not going to make a new thread for each video as I have many on my queue so I'll just drop videos here periodically. Check back, you might be in one. Let's start off with broken mic guy. My other vids won't be this high production though.
  12. I didn't see any threads for this in 2013 and I got some silly stuff on FRAPS I wanted to show, so I made this. If you want to show off stuff, go ahead. Stone camofauge HMG. Unusable though. James Bond does his balancing act on a body. "U.S. Army is bullet catchers, only Marines are hardcore and well trained" and it beginss Dead squad mate nope.avi Soldier looking at his elbow? Eh?
  13. Players on the bot team on PR COOP server

    Don't know if the thread is still relevant since it was made during the OPFOR event but I noticed it too as above. We were on Muttrah and some guy was CASing and mortaring us. I asked him to please switch since it was against the rules and all I got was defiance. It was the perfect time to violate the rules too, I got on the TS as I was trained and all the few =VG= users I found were either AFK or not in charge of the PR server. Ah well. Here's to hoping they comply next time.
  14. Hello

    Hi there. Think I seen you in my squad a few times.
  15. PR co-op event 18. May

    The family restaurant is having a VIP party that day but I be there if I can.