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  1. I always wondered why BMS team didn't acquire the license from the very beginning, it was their idea and project what is Falcon today, now we have this Company making $$$, instead of BMS. They seen how big it gotten over the years, but it was a smart and fast move!! I'm happy what I have, no need for updates!!! Cheers!!
  2. Hello all, Just wanted to let you all know that although 4.33 is a huge improvement over .32, looks like I will stay put with 4.32 for the time being. Just keep up the good work and thanks to the VG and their staff for keeping this going and making this place exciting and helping all of you that needed help, specially for people who enjoy this realistic Sim. And no, I am not leaving this place...LOL, I will be around.. !thx Thanks VG!! Tac
  3. Yes i know, but still I cant run it. Lags to much even with all settings off, but then it look so ugly...LOL. I have 4.32 maxed out.
  4. Tux139, I also can't run 4.33 at this time, back to 4.32 as well.
  5. Alright, thanks mate!!
  6. Look like a lot of people are having lots of problems, but I also wanted to thank all of the VG staff for their hard work and dedication to this great Organization, but I think its the Sim its self that needs to be corrected/fixed. But for myself, I had to stay with .32 for the moment until I get a powerful machine. Have fun guys!!
  7. Meiz, I will be up and running soon, im just tweaking my settings at this time. Try to hop on TS when you can....Thanks
  8. Alright thanks, and I dont fly the campaign just TE for now. Thanks. Tac
  9. Is possible to leave 4.32 in place for others that have low end pc's??? Thanks guys.
  10. Awesome guys!!!
  11. Welcome Pinefang to VG, I am here to help. make sure you PM on here so I can meet you over on TS.
  12. Quick flight near Osan Ab.
  13. Welcome XeroX to BMS, are you ready to Rumble?? LOL
  14. Its on baby!!! LOL
  15. New pilot still going strong, Good Job Hammer!!
  16. Alright, first 4 hours of flight time, my new pilot landed safely. Good job Maverick!!
  17. Roger that! I will try Hamachi or Tungle. Thanks Bud.... :o)
  18. Gents, what are the possibility to turning this thing back on again for new pilots that are unable to fly on BMs due to system Requirements?? I've been working with two new pilots flying AF, but cant get them to join my game. I have forward my ports and had no joy. thanks
  19. If you need help let me know, I get all my pm's through my Smartphone.
  20. Roger that! Thanks.
  21. I am back on the pit but this time will be on the Balkans side of BMS. Find me on TE section as Pitman or TAC, need to have the original Balkans installed on your system, IVC preferred but not required, if not then be on TS for comms.
  22. Whats up Gents? I was trying to connect as well, no luck. Thanks.
  23. Please post flight schedule or availability here. New and veteran pilots are welcome to join. Please Note, I am focusing on TE Only, basic Navigation, aircraft handling, and landing. No weapons deployment at this time. This is mainly for new pilots. Thanks.
  24. ColdNfreeziN =VG= LAN_WROTE ... I would love to learn some BMS, but I do not have Track IR anymore, but I still have a cheap HOTAS. Even possible for me to play? Your good to go, Im using the mouse to look around for now. We are flying in the TE section, so no real fighting at this time.
  25. Now, lets talk about the default F/A-18's on BMS, are the flight model accurate to fly?? Would not be a bad Idea to have a USN/USMC Squadrons to add in general.