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  1. G'day from Down Under - Falcon 4, the best!

    Thanks a lot Guys for your comments. After 9 years of not flying F4 it will take time to get with it. Thanks for fixing the url. Cheers, I got some learnign to do.
  2. G'day from Down Under - Falcon 4, the best!

    Sorry the url does not seem to work, copy paste to the browser does. [EDITOR: fixed link !cheers (cool website, by the way! -semler)]
  3. I come to this forum as a result of a sim friend in The Netherlands who flew at the recent FS Show and he sent me the URL for your update to Falcon 4 which I flew extensively back in 2003. Way in excess of 300 hours in the cockpit (including training). I said back then ?I spent over 200 hours in the cockpit flying missions I created myself so as to achieve the best for the time put in. By far the best simulator I will ever fly in.? I still believe it to be the best experience a simmer can have. Even if just "solo" My web page on my impressions of Falcon 4 in 2003 is here: http://netleygrove.net/FlightSimulation/Falcon4.html I now look forward, after 9 years of being dorment, to see what BMS has done to get the Fighting Falcon into the modern world of IT. I am so pleased not to see the Microsoft "eggs" as gauges. I wonder how much of what I did back in 2003 will still be useable in 2012? I wonder if the saved missions will work in the BMS version? I guess I will find out soon. I blame the Falcon for my flying skills in flight sim, albeit as a ground attack flyier. Not such a bad "blame" I think. My main interest in MS sims has been The Dambusters and the Falcon made it easy for me to fly at +60 feet over water and at tree top level everywhere else. Cheers, have a good day! I will.