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  1. When I said "it" I didn't mean money. One day when I can afford it, I'll get a license. I've always been interested in biplanes.
  2. I love playing with this dude. You're a pilot? That's badass. You must be drowning in "it". Always wanted to get a PPL.
  3. Because of frequent crashes, we're lucky to get halfway through the map rotation. There's probably also some maps that aren't on the list. If we bring back mapvotes, then why not have every map available (aside from the ones that crash)? The server sends an automated message for certain actions like picking up an enemy kit, so why not send a global message when tickets get to a certain point for either side, something like "Next map is Muttrah Alt, vote now or forever hold your peace"? For off-peak hours I think the best maps are the alt maps, inf maps, and 1km low asset maps. Asset-heavy maps like Muttrah, Kashan, Khamisiyah, etc just don't work with five or six people. If everyone was a team player, with a mic, and spoke some English, then we could probably handle it, but that's not gonna happen.
  4. I'm not sure if this is possible: Is there any way that, by use of a script, the server can use a different maplist, or skip certain maps when there is low player count late at night (Eastern US time)? We are ending up with maps like Karbala with five people on. No matter what, regardless of the needs of the other squads, two people will always be helicopter pilots, then two will make an Infantry squad, and the one leftover guy will make a solo squad and not do anything...there's just certain maps that don't work during late hours when there's not many people on.
  5. It's just not as much fun as it used to be with 40 people all rushing objectives and finishing maps in record time. Part of that is a bunch of noobs with no mics, no English, and no teamwork. Then on the other hand, you get four people on during off-peak hours...one will join trans, two will join CAS...leaving one guy (usually me) to do everything else.
  6. Hey dude, you and me used to play together back before standalone I think.
  7. During peak hours, this would be great, especially with different map rotations. During off-peak hours, we can barely get enough people on one server to take a flag.
  8. Och, laddy, take a seat an' tilt a glass with ol' Paladin!
  9. The quality of this game and server depends on all of us, just like a community in the real world. If we don't report problems to the people in charge, it'll go downhill and the community will fall apart.
  10. Thanks for the hospitality!
  11. Ragnarok1775 .. welcome to Veterans Gaming .. enjoy

  12. Hello. I've played PR for six years, mostly on VG Coop. I'm a cop. I've been in the US Army (Infantry), an EMT, a corrections officer, and a civilian contractor for the military. Used to be hardcore into Ultima Online. I like playing small specialized teams, or tanks. Ironically, my wife is Chinese and her father, grandfather, and great grandfather were all PLA soldiers. Her dad just retired from being a cop over there. So it's been interesting comparing our experiences in the armies of two somewhat-hostile countries and two very different styles of policing. It has also given me a rare look at the PLA which is not at all how foreigners perceive it to be. I've seen A LOT of players come and go sadly, and a lot of changes to PR. I had satellite internet for a few years, just a friendly warning, you're better off with dial-up. So I'm still not used to some of the changes, I started in either 0.89 or 0.97, can't remember which, pre-standalone for sure though.