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  1. I want to apologize to Whitewolf411 ---------------------------------------------------- I want to edit this post. I DO NOT APOLOGIZE TO TEEJAY! I just watched a live stream where Teejay threatened to teamkill someone driving the logi truck if he didn't give him the logi truck. "I'm using it for LAV" was his excuse. He is driving the LAV and leaves the LAV so obviously it wasn't "using it for the LAV" I didn't realize that ALL ASSETS are for =RS= clan membes when they want it. If this is the kind of admins you have. I'm done.
  2. I started playing PR in 2009. On VG COOP probably since then. Teamkilling is getting bad again. Today takes the cake. 3 of us are trying to help CAS/Trans by taking out AA. Then BOOM. We're dead by CAS. I know how hard it is to play CAS at times. Been there. Still - I hear "sorry but we're the CAS you know". "you should tell us if you're going to go there" or something like that. Seriously? Making it sound like it's my fault that we were teamkilled? It's sorta funny cause when we did call for CAS support in North City, we got "NEGATIVE" as a response. noob infantry vs Scimi, Tank, 2 BTR's and a Techi. No CAS help until only the techie and btr were left. Whitewolf/Teejay if you guys are german then I've played with you guys alot in the past. When I accidentally teamkill someone - as an admin on our server - I just say "I am so sorry. I screwed up" NO CONDITIONS. just an FYI