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  1. live some, learn some, then die

  2. Mug Shots!

    hey VG'ers its been a while but I am still here.... pic of me pulling rooftop watch in downtown Mosul (2008ish)
  3. InsurgenZ in Insurgency (Gameplay Footage)

    here is a sample of the gameplay on Survival
  4. enjoy! was a hell of a good time getting the footage, i knew their April Fools post was full of shit. If you play insurgency co-op, this is a zombie horde mode taking place on either checkpoint or survival.
  5. Veterans Fire Corp fund raising attempt

    Thank you so much Bludklot and everyone else at VG! that was a great surprise to find this morning!
  6. Hello VG, its been quite a while since I have hung out with you guys in game and that is my fault. Recently I have been selected to participate in the 2015 SCA Veterans Fire Corp. In order for me to participate I am required to purchase a pair of NFPA approved fireboots as well as secure storage and transport for my household goods while I am at training for 90 days. I know money is tight all around but if you would please consider me and what this could potentially lead to in terms of job stability and a future for my daughter I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and consideration. gofund.me/tw22wk (I swear this is an actual link that does work that is going to legitimate fund raising attempt so I can attend this training, although this is the internet and you are entitled to your doubts, just please know that this is a career opportunity in the making and every little bit helps) http://www.veteransfirecorps.org/ Veterans Fire Corp Page https://www.thesca.org/serve/program/veterans-fire-corps SCA Veterans Fire Corp Page sax6romeo out.
  7. Going to be back more often

    Hey VG its been a while since I've played with you guys but I'm going to be around more often now, I just found out about Project Reality 1.0 so I will be checking that out, noticed you guys had an active server running with good amount of players in game, gave me a warm and fuzzy! I noticed also that Semler posted about Payday 2, which i also have so if there are any heists needing that 4th man, I'll be there as well. Look forward to playing with you men later. Take care, Sax6Romeo 11B or Death
  8. Arma 3 Lite copies *FREE*

    someone PM me on steam saxopwn6romeo and ill hand out my 3 codes as well.
  9. arma III guide

    i am really digging the stance modifier myself. I find it adds new layer to the tactical onion that is arma
  10. arma III guide

    the Ctrl + W/S/A/D for stance modifying is still a part of the A2 scheme, hope that helps and good luck!
  11. arma III guide

    yeah if you use the preset A2 controls, youll still have to go through the bindings and find the keys that need to get rebound (IE. grenade, combat speed toggle, alt optics mode, and such). The A3 controls arent bad, they just take some time getting used to. On the other hand, atleast BI was gracious enough to include the old key setup in the alpha! +1 internets to them!!!!
  12. First Impressions

    there is a preset option that lets you go back to the ARMA 2 controls
  13. the war z

    a much better video is now available on my channel, this one is 9minutes and features more weapons (hammer, AA12, m4 semi), 1 pvp kill and some good ole fashion looting! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zxVL_SgKYw -update #3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoCjthsPBNE&feature=plcp (+2 more pvp kills) hope you enjoy, i actually recorded like 2 hours worth and have more parts im gonna upload but i thought section 2 would be the best to show you all first
  14. the war z

  15. the war z

    hello all once again, just wanted to give you guys a quick update on the current state of the game, the NDA has been lifted and now i have some really good footage of a relatively smooth game session in the world of the war z. currently it is uploading to youtube and its about 30minutes long so if you get a chance once its finished loading check it out/skim through it. ill keep you all posted