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  1. Arma 2 "Back to Iraq" Signup Check: 22/09/12

    I have been out of the loop for a while, but would like to join in
  2. DayZ =VG= Players Diary

    what server does everyone here play on? BTW I found a gun, and hatchet, and couple of bags of blood, and lots of pain killers haha. I also have a toolbox if anyone has a need for that.
  3. DayZ =VG= Players Diary

    Well I am in the medical area in Chernogorsk, and I have some med stuff. Still no gun haha, I am on a roof, and regret coming up here, because I am to scared to get off the roof!
  4. DayZ =VG= Players Diary

    Alright guys, I started playing. I am in the middle of some woods near a town with no gun :( Where should I go to find a gun?
  5. [poll] Arma 2 Vietnam

    is unsung mod better or worse? I know I have used the unsung mod. I liked it, and I think Vietnam missions would be EPIC!!!!
  6. Possible computer Upgrade, Help?

    How do I check my Motherboard? And I could find a Windows Vista 64bit, and use that. I am willing to reinstall my stuff, I have alot of useless programs on here anyway.
  7. Possible computer Upgrade, Help?

    Well, I upgraded my Card, but to my surprise, it didn't help much. So with my CPU, the AMD Phenom 9500 Quad-Core Processor 2.20 GHz, how much can I upgrade the RAM before, I max out my CPU? I am thinking about maybe getting 8 GB or maybe more. My buddy knows a way around 32Bit where I can use more RAM, atleast he claims. So anyone know how much RAM I can get before my CPU is the last thing holding me back? I think I have 4 RAM Slots. Thanks Mike
  8. Operation Lightstep Day 2 AAR

    I was about to leave, we need to start on time, because that may be why many left.
  9. Operation Lightstep - Day 2 - Signup - 16/06/12

    I am 90% coming! Cannot wait!
  10. DayZ Alpha Testing Thread

    If I wanted to start playing with you guys, how would I meet up with the group? Don't you spawn randomly?
  11. Operation Lightstep Signup - Day 1 - 9/6/12

    I think patrols are the best. It give a good sense of realism, and can get very crazy very fast. Wish I could be there, but gotta get a USAF Flight Physical for Air Traffic Control. Have fun, be safe everyone !razz haha
  12. Possible computer Upgrade, Help?

    Yeah I am on the 32 bit. hmmm... upgrading that would require me to install everything over again wouldn't it? EDIT: I guess what I am asking is, Do I need to get more RAM?
  13. Hey guys, I currently have a Hp Pavilion that is a couple of years old. I have been trying to update it to keep up with the new games that come out but hopefully you guys will be able help me make it acceptable for Arma 2 and when Arma 3 comes out. I have the- ATI Radeon HD 5570 500 Watts Power Supply 3GB of RAM (I know so little) AMD Phenom 9500 Quad-Core Processor 2.20 GHz Now here are my questions. I want to upgrade my graphics card, thinking that it will enhance my video game FPS a lot. I am looking into the EVGA- GeForce GTX 550 Ti 2GB GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 Graphics Card. Would that be a good card to buy? Do I need to buy more RAM? I usually just run the TS and ARMA when online, but is 3GB enough or do I need to buy new RAM. My friend said you need to have the same RAM cards. Thanks for your input! Mike
  14. Session Signup 2/6 19:00 GMT

    I may be there. You want us there an hour before the event? or what? Thank
  15. ArmA 3 Pre-E3 video!

    The muzzle flash looks the best for sure