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  1. I'm sorry for not paying much attention to this problem before now. Do you get a similar error every time? I checked your coordinates in-game, seems like it's just outside my base, but I can't find anything suspicious. If it really is the crickets that makes you crash it should be safe to disable them on the server if it's possible through the configs, but I'd like to see some more crash logs to make sure it really is the cause.
  2. I agree with Robot, if we don't lose our inventory when we die there's very little risk. If you have trouble getting away from where you spawn because of mobs you should use a bed to set your spawn point somewhere safe and keep some backup equipment as Robot said.
  3. Just the world folder needs backups
  4. Just the world folder needs backups
  5. I set up a document on Google, anyone should be able to edit it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_mqdoMdJmWoSs8nOx5ezvcVffjkgPTWCbw_WvbKR09c/edit
  6. PR moments! We all know what these are and we all got some! Post 'em up! Incoming RPG Map: Ramiel - Std Squad: "Recon" - Badploy's Mission: Training exercise: Killinghouse Everything went smooth except the for new guy (new guy: have not been in the "killinghouse" before). This happends every time we go there, though, so that was not a big problem. We got into our positions while Badploy instructed the new guy which was running all over the place (eve on top of the feared roof top.. omg..). Later on the enemies were coming in faster and faster, a shotgun bot even came up the stairs while i was reloading and took out half the squad. We respawned, got back into position and everything were sorted out. Suddenly, bullets are going off everywhere outside while our AR gunner is AFK. Then a RPG comes flying through the window (bots are very accurate sometimes) and hits the wall behind Badploy and our AR gunner. I revived Badploy, our AR gunner and Hombre were just slightly injured so i got them healed up after this. ------------------- Roadkill Map: Karbala Squad: "Operatives" - Badploy's Mission: Go through the city killing stuff with our humvees and placing mines to block off the enemy's vehicles We have just gone through the city looking for any enemies, and there were none. We all started to think what was going on and where they were. We went up to the "Carpark" flag and heared there were lots of shooting going on. I saw Badploy (He was driving the 1st humvee, i drove the 2nd one) going around the corner while screaming something like "oh my god! look at all those bots!". There were like 20 bots all over the flag, in the street, some trying to run for it and knife a friendly that was laying in a foxhole, on the grass next to the street.. Everywhere. There was this bot with an RPG aiming at Badploy's humvee, he walked between the humvees (we were still in high speed) and i was just following Badploy's path. Both .50 gunners were shooting like crazy to get him. At last he was hit by my humvee and a .50 bullet at the same time and he went like woosh under my humvee. Later the same round we met a lot of bots around the downtown area, Badploy hit the boost and went right into a pole which became his gravestone as a RPG hit the humvee while he was stuck there. My humvee was also blown up as we tried to get out of there.
  7. I will join
  8. Love them, you've got a PM clippie :)
  9. Pvt. Pirate LAN_WROTE ... we tried that, but it was definitely something with the world safe. So it's still not working? If you want to, you can send the world to me and I'll take a look
  10. If you look in the world folder on the server, there should be a file named railcraft.dat. Deleting that should fix the problem :)
  11. Wow, looks great!
  12. If you have a sound mod installed, that's probably it. PB will kick anyone who has different files than the server
  13. Sounds good. Probably a stupid question, but will there be any downtime?
  14. Welcome!
  15. Pvt. Pirate LAN_WROTE ... does that work for the current version 0.973 and mumble? i had to change some directories and filenames for it to work: It works with all PR versions since it is a BF2 feature, you need PR Mumble 1.0, though
  16. Castor =VG= LAN_WROTE ... very interested in the PVE part, also isnt cryengine3 very modifiable?
  17. Started converting some of the worlds to the new "Anvil" world format that was added in 1.2 and i thought some of you might wanted to see some world renders. So here's the flatlands and the adventure build: (1632x3920 pixels) Some blocks like stonebrick is shown as blue because i really need to find an updated world renderer -.- Here's render using an updated renderer and not top-down: (10602x5874 pixels) Link
  18. Good luck Oni!
  19. Welcome to the site, man! I don't fly myself, but there are a good number of people in TS3 flying almost every day. Also, just out of curiosity, on what forum did you hear about us? ;)
  20. I'll send you a PM. ;)
  21. Fastjack =VG= LAN_WROTE ... WTF is StumbleUpon ??? http://lmgtfy.com/?q=StumbleUpon
  22. We're updating to 1.2 once all the normal plugins and Bukkit updates. (Probably Sunday) The mods take a long time to update, and they will take even longer this time cause of the new world format.
  23. To become a VG member you must show that you are interested and get to know everyone here. Here's a more detailed post about it: http://veterans-gaming.com/vg-plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?1219 :)
  24. It doesn't really matter where this post is, non-admins can't use it anyway. But I'd say it would make more sense if it were in the admin section.
  25. Acer is often on TS3