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  1. Issues getting on and staying on the minecraft server

    I'm sorry for not paying much attention to this problem before now. Do you get a similar error every time? I checked your coordinates in-game, seems like it's just outside my base, but I can't find anything suspicious. If it really is the crickets that makes you crash it should be safe to disable them on the server if it's possible through the configs, but I'd like to see some more crash logs to make sure it really is the cause.
  2. Request for setting change on MC Mod Server

    I agree with Robot, if we don't lose our inventory when we die there's very little risk. If you have trouble getting away from where you spawn because of mobs you should use a bed to set your spawn point somewhere safe and keep some backup equipment as Robot said.
  3. Just the world folder needs backups
  4. Just the world folder needs backups
  5. PR 1.0 Patch Notes Released..... Sorta

    I set up a document on Google, anyone should be able to edit it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_mqdoMdJmWoSs8nOx5ezvcVffjkgPTWCbw_WvbKR09c/edit
  6. [poll] Killing Floor Carnivale

    I will join
  7. Wadda ya think

    Love them, you've got a PM clippie :)
  8. can somebody help?

    Pvt. Pirate LAN_WROTE ... we tried that, but it was definitely something with the world safe. So it's still not working? If you want to, you can send the world to me and I'll take a look
  9. can somebody help?

    If you look in the world folder on the server, there should be a file named railcraft.dat. Deleting that should fix the problem :)
  10. Wadda ya think

    Wow, looks great!
  11. Punk Buster kick on BF2 PR Deployment

    If you have a sound mod installed, that's probably it. PB will kick anyone who has different files than the server
  12. New Dedicated Server Provider

    Sounds good. Probably a stupid question, but will there be any downtime?
  13. hello all

  14. Reducing startup time (login time) Project Reality

    Pvt. Pirate LAN_WROTE ... does that work for the current version 0.973 and mumble? i had to change some directories and filenames for it to work: It works with all PR versions since it is a BF2 feature, you need PR Mumble 1.0, though