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  1. Happy Birthday old fella ... wishing you the best of birthdays ..

  2. Rotblut do you wish for higher rank in SO ..

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    2. =VG= kiwirambob

      =VG= kiwirambob

      Ok .. I,ll swap you & semler around .. tomorrow morning Aussie time ..cheers

    3. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Yea, I've not been interested in playing for quite some time, and when I do, it will be for short sessions infrequently.  Thank you Bob! 

    4. =VG= kiwirambob

      =VG= kiwirambob

      No worries sem ... cheers

  3. Rotblut .. he is in Veterans Gaming Steel Ocean fleet .. I hope you can get him to sign up with VG as a member

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      I try to get in touch with him. Let us add him as a friend and please him to register here. Hugs

  4. GameTracker ..


    1. =VG= Fastjack

      =VG= Fastjack

      I should reinstall all my ArmA III stuff now after having my old rig back.

      You still play EXILE Kiwi?

  5. Ragnarok1775 .. welcome to Veterans Gaming .. enjoy

  6. Welcome  ... big hugs skip :crigon_04:

  7. Wow ..that's some flight sim ..

    1. Brain


      Just dumping some deliberate screenshots from the last weeks.

      Usually no time for combat pictures (because in combat) and programming the KA-50 computers doesn't translate well to still images. ;)

      OBS is still not 100% cooperating.

  8. Hi Daniel .. welcome to our Home

  9. LionClaw .. buddy ... please leave a space between =VG=LionClaw .. eg  =VG= space LionClaw   ...cheers & big hugs