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      VG Servers are Back Up! *UPDATED AGAIN* TS3 Server is back; PR and Mumble are online, Arma 3 Servers are online but still need VG specific missions and configurations, should be done before end of week...   04/15/2017

      UPDATE Sunday April 23rd:
      Most everything is back online now.  The PR Server is running, and Mumble is working.  We have not yet made PR Updates available in TCAdmin, but several more people have access to update the PR Server (including me) and there should be little to no server downtime from future PR Updates.

      I've installed a second PR Server and still need to expand the VG PR License for it - it can be used for whatever, but I called it "PR EVENT SERVER" to start.  I figured we might also want a development server for things like FastJack's PR COOP Insurgency Mission testing, and we will take care of that this coming week as well, if able.

      The Arma 3 Servers have been reinstalled, and they are running basic versions of their former missions.  They still need to be configured, but they will remain online until this happens during the week (when PITN gets time).  I've set up A3 Servers with a Steam Update button in TCAdmin, any Arma Admin can now update to the latest Arma version much faster and easier, and without needing to wait for a Head Admin.    -Sem

      Sunday April 16th 2017:
      I've just received an email from the Server Host in Germany.  They host the server that runs our TS3 and various game servers here including Project Reality, and Arma 2 & 3.  Apparently, there has been a fault with our server host, possibly a hardware failure or such, but all servers in one part of their data center were affected including ours. We do not have further details at this time, but unfortunately this means VG Servers will be down until we can regain access to our server.  We were not given a time frame estimate or specific details of what damage was incurred, and we do not know if we have lost any data that was on the server.  We've been with this host for many, many years, and we've had nothing but great connections and fast servers.  Clearly this is a rare occurrence and we need to be patient as we weather this storm. I feel particularly bad for our loyal Project Reality players who were very patient waiting for our server to get it's most recent update, and I wish I could do something immediately to fix this.  It's a sad truth that it is out of our hands for the time being as we await contact from our host, and get a detailed damage report and estimate of how long until we are online again.  Of course, I've contacted the other head administrators at VG and apprised them of the situation.  We will update you all as we get information. Thank you all for your patience and understanding!


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  1. PBAsydney LAN_WROTE ... GG with blowing up our chopper on Kokan. Just as I was landing I saw an enemy go into cover prone, and I thought "hang on, bots don't dive for cover" and then the chopper blows up :D That was pretty lucky to be honest! I just finished placing and IED and here comes a blackhawk. It was too good to not kill myself over!
  2. GG boys. I had lots of fun and i hope everyone else did as well!
  3. I demand that DOTA be removed from the list..
  4. here's sparky: 76561197996548820
  5. You may notice how my mic was active while i was on the dirt bike. Just to clarify i was making dirt bike noises while riding said dirt bike.
  6. yup
  7. If you have played a game with sir duke, or even sat in a channel with him, you know what this post is about (if you haven't do it). Its about how we the people of the veterans gaming teamspeak server get an insight into a young man's life. We hear all that goes on in the dukes life some of it we laugh at some we cry at but most of it we just get plain annoyed at. From his yelling at his girlfriend Tiffany to him walking about his house bitching and complaining about how he has to do something or even to the clacking of bottles together and he downs another beer on the weekend its all a problem. This problem can be solved by a simple solution...a push to talk. Yes folks a push to talk...just a single button that is set up to queue up his mic so that he may speak his mind. I'm hoping that sometime in the near future there will be a petition that many will sign to get him a push to talk...but until that day ill just have to plot ways to sneak into his house and set one up for him.
  8. i will be there
  9. im in
  10. i will be present... prepare my hat!
  11. welcome, welcome enjoy your stay! my xbox only turns on to play SKATE 3...
  12. anybody know why the insurgency server is locked?
  13. after 4 months of ait training in Fort Gordon Georgia...i have become mos qualified and i am now home till i deploy. cant wait to get on the servers and start kickin in doors again!
  14. no im actually ordnance and im reserves. and i know ingo it is huh?
  15. Pas-n-Gas has some great videos of us his YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/Joefish1970#p/a/u/0/0uTdT3nB0hg
  16. i must have watched this 20 times already...each time it just gets better
  18. me and a couple of others were wonder if we could switch the teams from the allied side to the german side.
  19. did not know this my bad guys
  20. yeah sure ill defiantly help you with sounds like alot of fun
  21. i have these same moments yet at the same time i feel that people would lock squads when its not needed. im gunna have to say no even though at times i hate the rule.
  22. Hey guys sorry for the absence my computer died and i now have a new rig. Can't wait to play again its been way too long!
  23. thanks guys i hope too see all of you soon. blud i got an asus cg series. its good and i like it alot.