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  1. I will use the 4.32 for a while getting use to settings back in the game , very rusty now. Would like to use 4.33 later. tux
  2. I installed 4.32 and can run it at 70 fps. I can run 4.33 , 32 bit or 64 bit and get 25 to 35 fps. I am not sure what Graphics display to set it too, but looks like I can play the 4.33 any thoughts on my findings are appreciated. thanks so much for your patients, tux139
  3. No, 4.32 or 4.33 may not be to much, the computer I am using now is a AMD Athalon 11 x4 630. 2.8 gig. 6 gig of ram,Video card is a GTX 620 . I tried to set up originally on another computer of mine but was having trouble. May have to dedicate this one for now. thanks for sharing your set up, tux139. PS, I tried to upgrade my other system but got taken for $100 for a used upgrade , was worse than my original setup. I didnt want to use this computer for gaming but looks like it may have to happen.
  4. If I remember FF6 had the same problem(needed the previous version to run it) when I loaded it, yes I don't need 5.5 if I can get ff6 to run!
  5. I am only hoarding these file because my computer systems can only run 4.33 with minimum limits ,so I have the older programs to run off line if needed, it is until I can spring for a new gaming computer. Will look in regedit as you suggest. thanks for the follow up. help is appreciate, tux139
  6. I want to set up another computer I have files , Falcon 4, 5.5, FF6, 4,32 and 4.33 etc. I can't get 5.5 to load it says I need the source file FF5. I guess this is a programmers question, I do have A source file called FF5 but is not a application . The file I have is called < (first of all it shows a square box then) Source.FF5 942,768 KB FF5 File 6/17/2012 MY FF5 file is called< FreeFalcon_5.55 exe 125,331 KB Application 8 14 2012 I tried to drop this FF5 file into the same folder as 5.55 but no luck. Can I get FF5 to work is the question. I also considered making a image file of my original working FF 5.55 and transfering it but seems like a complicated process any help appreciated I hope I am in the right forum for this question if not sorry, tux139