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  1. Oh, hi!

    Yeah, I played DayZ until the cheaters chased me off. I got Arma 3 when it was new and think I played Overwatch? The one with 3 teams, shifting care packages, etc? I had fun. Haven't played it in like four years. Maybe I'll reinstall it if Exile is that good. Do you guys have a Discord or TS3 server? Can random strangers come hang out?
  2. Oh, hi!

    I tried Project Reality once but the number of keybinds scared me off.
  3. Oh, hi!

    Hello! Old man gamer here. I made my account on this forum five years ago and this is my second post. I really appreciate that you guys have been active all this time. Do any of you play PUBG yet? Use Discord? I'm looking for new people to play with. Anyway, hit me up on Steam if anyone is looking for someone to squad up with. I'm fairly good but don't take it too seriously. http://steamcommunity.com/id/mrbungle
  4. Time for change.

    None of you guys know me but I'm an old guy from an old CoD2 clan and we've all had similar problems since PC gamers were re-prioritized by Activision a few years ago. A lot of the old farts in my clan just went away - I have adjusted my gaming instead. I stopped playing big budget mainstream shooters and found love in the F2P world. I have started a Steam group - it's called Free 2 Play Fridays. The plan is to meet up every other Friday and play a different F2P game. Tribes Ascend, League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, Super Monday Night Combat, Blacklight Retribution, Firefall, Planetside 2, Dota 2, and possibly Counter-Strike:GO will all be on the menu if the group doesn't die before getting started. Fee free to join and tell your friends. You never know. Something fun could happen.