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  1. Great1 Many thanx. I hope the community event went well :) Reaper
  2. Its there and running pretty smooth :)
  3. SavageCDN =VG= LAN_WROTE ... I'll check that as well and don't worry about reporting stuff like this.. if no one said anything it would never get fixed :) in that case!! Please can we have a Repair Specialist added to the Alpha Squad :) Have I used up my 3 wishes this week yet :) Reaper
  4. Thanx guys, I feel like all I do here is moan, lol When we have the game level set at VETERAN, does this change the level of AI skills - I only ask as it was like playing against Chuck Norris yesterday :) Reaper
  5. I had 2 slight problems yesterday evening - not sure if they are actually problems with the set up or just my own issues, lol 1) When the enemy attack our base I cannot shoot back at them or risk being banned (server message) plus the rounds don't land for anti-teamkilling etc. 2) With only 2 or 3 guys on the server (Dev Build etc) having only pilots fly can limit gameplay. Thanx for reading and sorry to be a pain in the rear end....just trying to see the VG server back to its best :) Reaper
  6. Thanx - coz its a nightmare having to respwan back at base each time #runningoutofchoppers ;)
  7. SavageCDN =VG= LAN_WROTE ... It's amazing how quickly it happens when I break it myself :) Haha...very true :) Although......I still cannot Teleport from Base to any MHQ and no REVIVE :(
  8. SavageCDN =VG= LAN_WROTE ... Well that's what I get for making changes without testing :) Give it a try again should be OK now 10:15AM server broken - 10:40AM server fixed :) Savage = Legend :)
  9. SavageCDN =VG= LAN_WROTE ... Latest dev update is client only (phew) *** Arma 3 server is now available to be managed through TCAdmin. *** GameService 35 port 2402 All TCA users should have access to this game service and can restart it if required. For other admins the in-game password is same as before For now it's running Xeno's Domination v2.99 although I'll need to make some changes to that mission to make it =VG= friendly. -added VAS ammo system -added AI suppression scripts Currently there is a limitation where we can only one run instance of the dedicated server.. hopefully this gets fixed soon. Also still no RCON or other remote management tools so kicks/bans will have to be done in-game. I am currently working on an admin slot system for the missions we run on the server which will allow admins to connect even if the server is full. The server is not working (10:15AM EST), I am running the correct version of the Dev Build but it just stays on the loading screen as you attempt to join (zero players in server and its status is - creating). Any help is appreciated to get the server back up and running :) Reaper
  10. Savage - I asked Echo to switch the following params; Allow teleport to MHQ Time of day 08:00 (or whatever you feel is best) Allow Revive Enemy skills are set at NORMAL (but they feel like super AI, lol) Allow view distance to be changed Only Pilots can FLY This is what I can remember off the top of my head - many thanx!!! Reaper
  11. Played for 3-4 hours on the VG Domi server.....lots of fun with a good group of guys. Nice performance and only a slight stuttering issue now and again (not very often in fact). Echo was the 'Admin' and set the parameters for good team play!! If no VG member is online, how do I set parameters (or do I not, lol)? Reaper :0
  12. It was VAS.
  13. PITN LAN_WROTE ... @Reaper, where you playing the latest version of Ins VG 04? I thought I fixed that in 04. But if I didn't I need to know. I was playing yesterday afternoon if that helps on the VG server with Pierovich :) I thought we were playing great until I realized I was GOD like, lol
  14. instant LAN_WROTE ... 3: Think that depends on difficulty setting? Agree.....I think an admin has control of that or is that client side?
  15. Hey guys, a couple of quick questions; 1) When I am playing in the Insurgency server I am invincible to enemy fire....hmmmm? 2) When playing in the Sandbox Server I cannot respawn with working ammo in my gear.......if I am wounded and get revived it has the same issue. I have all my gear but it acts like I have nothing....hmmm? 3) If these issues are fixable (I understand its just the Alpha etc) can the server settings be adjusted to NOT show enemy positions on the Intel Map.....just a request, if no then no problem :) Thanx for reading Reaper