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  1. BMS Update 5 or 6

    Thanks for the help.
  2. BMS Update 5 or 6

    Can anyone tell me if VG is running BMS 4.32 server with update 1-5 or with 1-6, The intro shows one step installer for update 1-6 and the last entry states that BMS server is running with update 1-5.
  3. BMS Update 5

    Hi guys just to let you know that there is a update 5 out for BMS 4.32 head over to Benchmark for instructions, there is a complete loader now for the base game and U1-U5 on torrent sight so you don't have to do the dance. Also there are a few bad updates floating around so check recommended sites for download. You'll find the posting in the Forum, first posting listed. Weaklink
  4. BMS theaters

    Thanks for the info I'll keep an eye on it if it starts getting buggy I'll drop the balkins. Did istall the 201 korea or the IT BMS v.094 yet so thats a plus anyway. But many thanks.
  5. BMS theaters

    Hi guys, can any one tell me if the Balkan BMS 4 and Hotfix UI screen, is suppose to be green and only have to trainning missions. I like to know if I screwed up the hotfix or just did not install it right. Also are there any suprises with the IT v.094 theater that might surprise me. Just loaded BMS 4.32 after repair shop and want to make sure I'm loading the theaters right.
  6. Hi Guys been a while since last post and having trouble programming the Cougars. They have been wonderful desk weights for two years. Before all my computer problems I ran across the new thrustmaster software TARGET and found it easy so I jumped right in Found it easier than the manual that came with it so... Anyway having trouble getting the RDR coursor/enable to work the T1 button is programmed to act like a mouse and does but no reaction from the RDR X and RDR Y directions at all after programming them. The Ant Elev knob if left on its own will cause the mouse pointer to run, not walk to the right or the left of the screen (even on the desktop). At present I have the Ant Elev taped to the mid position so I can use these 300 dollar paper weights. I know everyone will swear by foxy well I'll swear at TARGET but bottom line Foxy and thrustmaster original manual put me to sleep hell, I think its a comma!! Anyone out there that uses TARGET software give me a write and tell me how to solve this PLEASE!! (Foxy may be the promise land for some but it's a flat line trace to me). The game is BMS 4.32, running fine on win 7 32 bit with FF5 and Falcon 4 AF no problems, no F4Xchange installed for those wondering if win 7 will get the job done, saw a couple of question in the forum. Thanks !help
  7. Hi All

    Thanks to all for your support, ideas, and direction. I will try it again and see what we can see on this port forwarding thing. Again, many thanks
  8. Hi All

    After months of computer downtime (in the shop) the problem turns out to be my 7 year old router. So now I'm back online without being disconnect every 5 minute. So now all is well just have to download all games again and install them. Hope I remember how LOL. Port forwarding with this netgear router already seems to be a problem, anyone out there familar with 7550 netgear routers, on how to port forward the gaming ports? If you are give me a buzz with the instruction on how to. Be much beholden!
  9. Chaff and Flares BMS 4 Question

    Hi Guys I have another question, Can someone tell me the Key combo for starting your Chaff and flares programed in the DTUC? I've tried ALT x, ALT z, Ctrl x, and Ctrl z nothing seams to works. Flying a home built TE with DTUC load just to get the hang of the sim but can't get the program to fire off. Campaingn mission samething. Single flare once every so often, same for the chaff. Checked key log in BMS4 and it says ALT X but... It doesn't work. If I hit cap lock and c I get chaff and if I hit cap lock and z I get one bundle of caff and it stops HELP!! !help Also the Dash 34 states that after Air Refueling Hit the A/R DISC switch to disconnect from boom where is that I do not see a slap switch on the side pannel. WeakLink
  10. BMS 4.2 install

    Finally got updates to install, now comes the profile building, Thanks again to all that have helped me in this process.
  11. BMS 4.2 install

    Sure thing can do
  12. BMS 4.2 install

    AS I stated I ereased anything in the standard DNload (win 7 Page/File). I also ereased all files that had a BMS 4.32 Identifier using the RUN command in the start menu. also went to the win 7 Control Panel selected Programs and Features in the expanded menu listing and ereased anything that had BMS attached to it. Restarted my computer then DNloaded BMS 4 and the two upgates. I then posted message to group @ 12:00 and shutoff computer for 1 hour or so, No at 6:25 pm I tried another install. I unzipped BMS 4 sent it to desktop to a new folder. opened that folder agin had three opt...s and selected setup exe with red icon. The first screen to appear was a "search internet for updates" or uninstall BMS 4 from computer. I chose look for up dates the process started verfifing BMS it had the standard screen with three options 1. undates 2. DNloaded v3. installed all three options where blank. After verfication the middle option was filled in (DNloaded) the next button came up and selected it. The building of the BMS program started, it ran from part 1 all the way through paty 8. It did come up with a screen asking if I wanted 3712 installed but a higher version47.. was installed I did not click that, it asked if wanted a desktop icon checked that (yes) asked if wanted a start menu item(listing) and checked that (yes). Last screen said BMS installed. click finished. Low and behold a icon appeared and a start menu item appeared. I entered BMS 4 using icon and clicked launch and it came up music and all, checked several items Tac Ref, Instant Action, campigan, and theaters. all was there. I write this for people like me that are not experienced in computer operations/IT types. I believe the removal of every annotation I could find from my computer ie. Run Command, Control panel-programs and features, and removal from (win 7) Download page helped, to finally get a good install. My only question is why I never saw the install agreement page I never checked " I agree to insatall agreement Strange!! nor did it ever ask where Falcon 4 (have original Disc installed) was installed Strange !!!! The bottom line is I Have BMS 4 installed, just the basic, I'm not going to config until I can get update one and two installed so it a fresh in stall for these installations. As I think about these two updates that need to be installed and this wacky Win 7 OS it brings on a unatural fear of Win 7. But I'm reminded of FDR saying "There is nothing to fear but, Fear itself' Anyone with more information on the proper way to install update 1 & 2 or insight please let me know what I have been doing ant't working. Kudo to Bludklot and his support in this matter thanks for all. Thanks to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now for the updates !wack WeakLink
  13. BMS 4.2 install

    Still trying to install BMS 4.32. At times it gives me the check for updates or uninstall BMS from this computer. now and then I get the install screen, a statement box comes up and says" the folder your are trying to install BMS in is not empty do you stll wish to install it" asks where Falcon 4 lies and the procees to install, When it gets to part 8 another box shows up it states " (box title} installing 4.32 base part 8-(message) Cannot create file c:\falcon BMS 4.32\user\config\setup.ver acess is denied" and then freezes. I went through dnloads, Run BMS 4.32 files and deleted anything that is related to BMS also ran Win 7 uninstall program as far as I know right now all BMS files and previous versions are no longer on my computer. DNloaded BMS 4 and updates again 5/5/12 12:50 pm. but need some help to install just the basic BMS can any out there who is familar with the in/outs of win 7 help me. I have left the fresh installs in the down load file of win 7, have not touched them so it will be a fresh install I hope I'm a 6 year XP guy and have only had win 7 for 2 months and it sucks. I tried the BMS folder idea in previous reply but got the install errors above so still confused as what is happening. I have T3 set up so if anyone can shoot me a time and date I can be on. WeakLink- Now you know why my callsign is WeakLink -lol !help
  14. Just had computer rebuilt, XP was no longer supported by my shop. They installed Win 7. So for the last month been learning to use Win7 . Problem I've downloaded the two BMS up dates they reside in the Download section of Win 7 (stilled zipped) But I have tried and tried to get them to install into BMS 4.32 and even though it states it is doing it when you run the BMS setup it does not find any updates. I know where my original installation lies it on my desktop, red cover and all but it won't take the install. The RUN function that was in previous Windows is not there, but if you type RUN in the search box and Falcon 4 BMS update it can't find it. If you use browse it will find it and then want to unzip it. The instructions clearly state not to unzip the download but run the folder. During all the time I tried to install update 1 It has never repeat never asked me where the BMS 4.32 resides. So my question is how do you get Win 7 to except the up dates. If you start in the Download folder provided by win 7 and you click the up date it wants to unzip folder, if you use Run it wants to unzip the folder, if you use browse it wants to unzip the folder, so if anyone can help me I be much beholden. One more thing I assume in the provided install instructions the use of the phrase RUN means to activate the application not to unzip the folder. Need some help here. !help Edited for clarity
  15. F4Xchange

    Bludklot, Thanks for the offer WeakLink