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  1. Thanks everyone.
  2. Hey everyone. Haven't been here for a while so I am coming back to another part of the Veteran Community. I am big into iRacing and run the Setup Co-Op where we make setups for OPEN racing. I also have Falcon 4 BMS installed and DCS with most aircraft. Also Battlefield 4. I haven't flown my flight sims nor BF4'd for quite some time but when I get the itch, they are installed and ready to go. Anyways, howdy howdy.
  3. WOW! Amazing work and attention to detail. Unfreekin'believable.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I look forward to playing hard, playing fair, and playing to win with you all.
  5. SemlerPDX =VG= LAN_WROTE ... Welcome to the website, bro! !fans DCS, eh? Have you seen this sick vid by Chaz? My favorite....makes me want to get the game (and the Thrustmaster HOTAS!): This video ROCKS THE CASBAH! It shows the reasons I play DCS A-10.
  6. I was a long time Falcon lover but it grew long in the tooth for me. I love the HOG in DCS and I am patiently waiting for Combat Helo. Besides not having a Dynamic Campaign, DCS is very enthralling (yeah I used the word enthralling :) ). And I love the HOG. Thanks for the welcomes. Griff has had nothing but good things to say about the people here. I look forward to playing sims/games with you all.
  7. Hello everyone. Diasbled Vet (Back and PTSD) and former Cop and Correctional Officer. I play Battlefield 3, Tiger Woods 2012, and DCS A10 at the time. Griff turned me on to this site and it is a pleasure to have served and a pleasure to be here. I hope I can help people in the sims and games I play.