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      Falcon BMS Server Update: New Minimum Connection Bandwidth Requirement - Increased to 2048   12/10/2017

      As of December 10th 2017, the Required Minimum Connection Bandwidth for all clients is now forced to 2048.  In addition, the former config entry denying potential P2P connection types has been removed.  Both of these changes are due to reports of increased server and client multiplayer stability, and we are hoping to see the same improvements here as well.  Please report anything unusual while playing in the coming week so we can asses the benefits of this change.  Thank you!


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  1. Thanks everyone.
  2. Hey everyone. Haven't been here for a while so I am coming back to another part of the Veteran Community. I am big into iRacing and run the Setup Co-Op where we make setups for OPEN racing. I also have Falcon 4 BMS installed and DCS with most aircraft. Also Battlefield 4. I haven't flown my flight sims nor BF4'd for quite some time but when I get the itch, they are installed and ready to go. Anyways, howdy howdy.
  3. WOW! Amazing work and attention to detail. Unfreekin'believable.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I look forward to playing hard, playing fair, and playing to win with you all.
  5. SemlerPDX =VG= LAN_WROTE ... Welcome to the website, bro! !fans DCS, eh? Have you seen this sick vid by Chaz? My favorite....makes me want to get the game (and the Thrustmaster HOTAS!): This video ROCKS THE CASBAH! It shows the reasons I play DCS A-10.
  6. I was a long time Falcon lover but it grew long in the tooth for me. I love the HOG in DCS and I am patiently waiting for Combat Helo. Besides not having a Dynamic Campaign, DCS is very enthralling (yeah I used the word enthralling :) ). And I love the HOG. Thanks for the welcomes. Griff has had nothing but good things to say about the people here. I look forward to playing sims/games with you all.
  7. Hello everyone. Diasbled Vet (Back and PTSD) and former Cop and Correctional Officer. I play Battlefield 3, Tiger Woods 2012, and DCS A10 at the time. Griff turned me on to this site and it is a pleasure to have served and a pleasure to be here. I hope I can help people in the sims and games I play.