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  1. Introduction

    Thanks for the welcome fellas. I pretty much play PR exclusively. I cant get enough of it. I like PS3 games like Madden but I dont have it yet. Maybe Santa will bring it for me tomorrow. I was going to play this morning but the job called me to come in early at 2 today. Sucks because I didnt get home from work till 5 this morning. I'll get on (probably after Christmas or my wife will chop my balls off)......till then, time to make coffee.
  2. Introduction

    Hello everyone, My name is AbsconderNYC but I tell the girls my name is Ian at the bars so they have a hard time tracking me down. I currently work as a Federal Officer with the Dept of Homeland Security (awesome job) and still serve in the Army Reserve as a Detachment Sergeant with a Tactical Psychological Operations Company. I started my career with the Army in 1994 volunteering as an Army Ranger with 2nd Bn out of Fort Lewis and later transfering 2.5 miles down range road to 1st Group. I did a total of 8 years active duty and completed one year in Afghanistan working with the Marines, ODA's and other governmental enteties. Umm, lets see...married, 1 kid, love my job, wife's in school to be a nurse, dont really drink, play games too much. THats about it. Thank you for the medal. And thank you for the promotion, hahaha. I havent been a Private First Class in a long damn time. I'll try to get on and find you guys hopefully soon. Regards, AbsconderNYC