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  1. Airsoft

    Cool stuff you got 2shae ! That 1J limit is good but that counts for every Airsoftgun , right? Even sniper rifles? Or is it just the limit for weapons that are fullyautomatic? Our limit here in germany is 7,5J ... theoreticly cuz most game rules won't allow such a strong weapon.
  2. Airsoft

    that looks great 2shae. Yeah Airsoft is kinda big here in germany too but it has strict limitations by the weapons law over here. For example : Any functional ( ! ) attachments such as lights and lasers are illegal here. Weapons that shoot over 230fps are forced to shoot semi-automatic only. That counts for every gun. Even machineguns wich renders the almost useless. Almost ;) Most Operations that held here aren't THAT big. Rarley any vehicles are beeing used simply because the fields are too small. It's still fun to play here. I'm going to Croatia in 2012 to play on the "Island Invasion" wich is an event hostet by a german team and only german airsoftteams will be there. I'm super stoked. https://picasaweb.google.com/113265100874101460255/Kroatia?authkey=Gv1sRgCM7Rlszil9Tlcg here is a Picdump of the Island we're going to play on. Yes, an entire Island just to play airsoft.
  3. Airsoft

    hehe....dachte ich mir :P not really my world ;)
  4. Sweet. If you have the machine to run it; ARMA 2 is the way to go. Don't be scared by the mods. Once you got the hang of it they are pretty easy to install and it all makes for a better gameplay. It still could take a week or two to get used to the rather complex key settings (especially with ACE2 and ACRE). But, like I said, it all adds up for an AWESOME Co-Op expierience.
  5. Airsoft

    Battledisplay? :P
  6. Korangal Valley VG mod ?

    thanks man. I will definetly try to check it out =)
  7. Korangal Valley VG mod ?

    Hey. I was just wondering what that is cause it has it's own TS channel but can't find any infos about it in the forums.
  8. Question on identifing voices

    yeah. Been there before. Just wanted to speed it up a little. Anyway, I just bought a new Headset for 70 Bucks. Hope the VOIP will work now ^^
  9. Why do you play at VETERANS-GAMING?

    I am here because I saw your Battlefield 2 PR videos on youtube and was amazed by the quality teamplay. So the next day I accidently stumbled across a cheap copy of battlefield 2 and went for it. Downloaded PR and went STRAIGHT for your website to sign up and get started. Most of the times you get yelled at a lot when you are a noob and don't know the game but with you guys I felt very comfortable and it was a real good athmosphere for learning the game. All in all I gotta say I don't even wanna try any other servers ( and I didn't ) than yours. Hope there are many more good games in PR to come to show the AI who's the boss. !NHLcheck
  10. Question on identifing voices

    thanks everyone. I think I'll try to get a new Headset so my VOIP will work. Still doesn't help my voice identification problem but oh well....I'll just have to hang arround TS and not be playing at the same time so I can see who is speaking and what he sounds like ;)
  11. [poll] internet speedtest.net!

    sucks to be me
  12. New shots from the BludCave

    well I love guns too but I'm not allowed to have one. Stupid gun laws here -.-
  13. [moved] Member pic thread

    lookin good Jager :D Nice beard and sweet haircut !
  14. Question on identifing voices

    ok. I have to run that at the same time as the game ? Will it affect TS3 ?
  15. [moved] Member pic thread

    it's called "fashion" outlanders. You won't know bout that. You're a guy ( I hope you really are :D )