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  1. Kindly reset the BMS server so I can feed my addiction. Thanks sir. Gundog
  2. We need to go up together sometime Blud
  3. Sir; No joy connecting to the BMS server. Gundog
  4. Please restart the BMS server, the war is over Thanks, Gundog
  5. Admin; Please restart the BMS server, the current war is over. V/R, Gundog
  6. Current campaign is won! Congrats! Admin, please reset the server. V/r, Gundog
  7. Got it now, ready to fly!
  8. I keep getting an error when trying to connect. Could you send me a link to update 7? Thanks
  9. Current campaign is over
  10. Oh no, the server needs reset, the war is over in the current game. No sorties can be flown until reset.
  11. I'm flying Friday morning 1 November Eastern US time. I could use some good pilots!!!
  12. Sweet!!
  13. Sorry, no electronic devices were allowed. I would have videoed the whole thing. Landed first attempt!
  14. Had the rare opportunity to fly the F-15E sim at my base yesterday. Totally kicked butt!!