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  1. World of Warship

    Oh i was Talking abour EU Server.... if anybody wanna play as Team just contakt me on Steam, 1Sg.Morrison (Picture: Old Dixi Flag)
  2. Long time no see Matey? How have you been? Catch you out there. Soon!!

    1. =VG= 1Sg.Morrison

      =VG= 1Sg.Morrison

      Play most time with Hans CoH 2 and world of Warships. Would like to find a game more VG member play...

    2. WCCBadploy


      I feel your pain.

      Been really busy with other things lately so gaming with PR is on the back burner for a while.

      I usually play STO for the DOFFs and Episodes which are like set plays. Player name is, you guessed Badploy!!

  3. Nice to see that our Security System is working! ;) 

    1. =VG= 1Sg.Morrison

      =VG= 1Sg.Morrison

      Yea they got me...but i am one of yours ;)

    2. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Never mind a guard dog barking. :buba:

  4. World of Warship

    Hey, long time ago i was here....you guys still playing WoW ? There is this new Clan thing on WoW and i would like to join a VG Team. So my question is... are you still playing, is anyone else playing, is someone up to make a Clan in WoW ? I would like to join. Would do it myselfe but dont have time to take care of it.
  5. 7 Days to Die

    Most Server are not on Alpha 14.2 now, maybe we have to wait a bit....
  6. 7 Days to Die

    Game got a big Update to Alpha 14 now ...see you next Week guys.
  7. 7 Days to Die

    Hello =VG= Community Maybe some of you play 7 Days to Die, its a Day Z - Minecraft mix game.... For all of you who wanna fight and build with me and others from VG we should play on the same Server. I prefer to play on a PVE Server, and use the *PVE Endzeit Architekten GER* Server If you wanna join me i am most time around in the morning (german time) because i work in Shift now. We have a 7 Days area on TS and i would like to see some of you there ! Stay together and you will Survive !
  8. 7 days to die VG server

    Hey guys, Building cheat is on again, and Zombies are off... have fun on Building !
  9. 7 days to die VG server

    Ok guys, Building cheat is off and Zombies are on. Good luck and have fun !
  10. 7 days to die VG server

    Server is on Alpha 6.1b now ! Our Building are still there, dont worry ! Only 2 More days, and the Zombies are comming back !!!
  11. 7 days to die VG server

    Yea, i would like to see more people in the Game, Lamrock build an awsome "MAYA" Temple... ore something like that... its cool to build on the desert canyons and mountains....
  12. 7 days to die VG server

    NEWS ! Howdy Surviver.... On Feb. 2 we will turn off the "building cheat" (press Z in the Game and you know what i mean) and we will turn on the Zombies ! So build your base, storage whatever you need and get ready for the Zombie Apocalypse ! FYI: If you storage AMMO, use 9mm, 10mm Bullets ore 7,62 Bullets... dont know why but Magazines dont work in Weapons !
  13. 7 days to die VG server

    Server runs on 6.1 now, Server name: VG Coop - Password: vg
  14. 7 days to die VG server

    Server is back on and works fine...Zombies are on !
  15. 7 days to die VG server

    @ Oni, you should show some of your pictures, from the stuff we build ...