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  1. Oh i was Talking abour EU Server.... if anybody wanna play as Team just contakt me on Steam, 1Sg.Morrison (Picture: Old Dixi Flag)
  2. Long time no see Matey? How have you been? Catch you out there. Soon!!

    1. =VG= 1Sg.Morrison

      =VG= 1Sg.Morrison

      Play most time with Hans CoH 2 and world of Warships. Would like to find a game more VG member play...

    2. WCCBadploy


      I feel your pain.

      Been really busy with other things lately so gaming with PR is on the back burner for a while.

      I usually play STO for the DOFFs and Episodes which are like set plays. Player name is, you guessed Badploy!!

  3. Nice to see that our Security System is working! ;) 

    1. =VG= 1Sg.Morrison

      =VG= 1Sg.Morrison

      Yea they got me...but i am one of yours ;)

    2. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Never mind a guard dog barking. :buba:

  4. Hey, long time ago i was here....you guys still playing WoW ? There is this new Clan thing on WoW and i would like to join a VG Team. So my question is... are you still playing, is anyone else playing, is someone up to make a Clan in WoW ? I would like to join. Would do it myselfe but dont have time to take care of it.
  5. Most Server are not on Alpha 14.2 now, maybe we have to wait a bit....
  6. Game got a big Update to Alpha 14 now ...see you next Week guys.
  7. Hello =VG= Community Maybe some of you play 7 Days to Die, its a Day Z - Minecraft mix game.... For all of you who wanna fight and build with me and others from VG we should play on the same Server. I prefer to play on a PVE Server, and use the *PVE Endzeit Architekten GER* Server If you wanna join me i am most time around in the morning (german time) because i work in Shift now. We have a 7 Days area on TS and i would like to see some of you there ! Stay together and you will Survive !
  8. Hey guys, Building cheat is on again, and Zombies are off... have fun on Building !
  9. Ok guys, Building cheat is off and Zombies are on. Good luck and have fun !
  10. Server is on Alpha 6.1b now ! Our Building are still there, dont worry ! Only 2 More days, and the Zombies are comming back !!!
  11. Yea, i would like to see more people in the Game, Lamrock build an awsome "MAYA" Temple... ore something like that... its cool to build on the desert canyons and mountains....
  12. NEWS ! Howdy Surviver.... On Feb. 2 we will turn off the "building cheat" (press Z in the Game and you know what i mean) and we will turn on the Zombies ! So build your base, storage whatever you need and get ready for the Zombie Apocalypse ! FYI: If you storage AMMO, use 9mm, 10mm Bullets ore 7,62 Bullets... dont know why but Magazines dont work in Weapons !
  13. Server runs on 6.1 now, Server name: VG Coop - Password: vg
  14. Server is back on and works fine...Zombies are on !
  15. @ Oni, you should show some of your pictures, from the stuff we build ...