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  1. Thanks for the greets, guys. I have been looking on Steam for a group related to VG but can't decide which one to join. There are none listed like "=VG=" but plenty of other VG variations. When I join the VG servers, do I need my nick to match my username here? It is probably an obvious answer if I want people to recognize me but a Steam Group would take care of that. I don't mind changing my username on Steam but I already know some folks there. It might be easier to change my nick here. Anyways, hope to see ya soon on the servers. EDIT: I found a "=VG=" group but it don't look like it's yoos guys.
  2. I'm Corky, been a member for awhile but never tried to engage. I work full time but am looking to improve my PC game-time if possible. I play Arma3 mostly and would enjoy playing with some of y'all if you'll have me. Have been getting used to milsim tactics and realism including uniforms and weapons/gear in a Steam squad I belong to. But I need more semi-serious team/squad or just join and go kill time, either is fine. I can play Rifleman, Autorifleman, Grenadier or AT, never played mechanic but can learn. I can fly helis too. I don't do medic or windows. I'm in the Mountain time zone. I will try to pop in on a server to see if I can help out. I don't know what addons are allowed so I will go vanilla and ask around if anyone's on.