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  1. Yes is a very annoying bug, seems to be a multiplayer/dedicated server issue, I believe it relates to downed aircraft/vehicles being present and your client not getting fully synced with information about the vehicle in question. But I could be wrong... For me I've seen only a few times, often it if I've aborted out and rejoined in a different role, but not always. Flushing your VRAM in game might help. Using shift and numpad minus key then type flush quickly (should see a prompt on screen Activating Flush) . Alternatively fully disconnecting from the server and rejoining may be the only answer... Boffin.
  2. Arma 2 Insurgency Server dead?

    The whole reason I got into Arma was due to the great play we used to have on the Veterans Insurgency server. I liked it so much I started to mess around the mission and have been slowly developing a replacement which is still being tested, it's called it Insurgency simulator as we have tried to make a more realistic atmosphere (civilians, ieds, car bombs etc). The JSRS sound mod is definately worth looking at, its a client side only and optional mod which dramatically changes how the game sounds. Having now played with it I wouldn't go back to the default sounds. (although I've kept the default humvee sounds for now!)
  3. You know it's cold when...

    And here is me complaining when its -4 ?C in the UK ;-)
  4. New website bar crashing google chrome browser?

    Thanks Guys. Using IE to open the site now, until I can work out why the bar is just crashing me.
  5. Not sure if its just me (probably is) but when I view the site for the first time in Google Chrome often the browser will stop responding and crash when it trys to load in that new chat/info bar. Viewing the site again after the crash it loads up, just wondered if anyone else had any problems? Boffin
  6. 1.60 patch

    Ah nice will take a look at that
  7. 1.60 patch

    Having played on 1.60 for a few days on multiplayer, can't say I've noticed too much difference. Looks like veterans arma insurgency server is still offline?
  8. ARMA2 - Joe's Helicopter Tutorial!

    a good find ;-)
  9. epic war movies

    Nice list Winters. All great. Band of Brothers was one of my favourites along with Saving Private Ryan for the Omaha Beach scene. Others... The Bridge on the River Kwai for the "Colonel Bogey" whistled march.
  10. Battlefield 3 Mythbusters

    Indeed. Nice to know! Medi and ammo box on the jeep is pretty neat.
  11. Insurgency modifications, scripting fun and testing

    Thanks Savage. I now have tasks working correctly on the multiplayer mission, I was missing that there was a server and client side to handle tasks. Now having some fun making some mini missions.
  12. Insurgency modifications, scripting fun and testing

    Thanks Guys. Been having a few interesting moments so far. Currently working on side missions, however struggling with syncing tasks to all. Looking at using "taskmaster" but early days at the moment. Adding various modules and functions to try them out, some maybe removed later on but nice to see how an element changes gameplay.
  13. Hi everyone, As previously posted, I've been enjoying the gameplay of the insurgency server. This has spurred me on to poke around with the scripting side of things. I've been playing with the latest insurgency version 0.82 and adding various modifications to the gameplay to see how they work out on a little test server. Anyone interested in trying out some modifications have a look for Boffin as the host in Multiplayer (currently port 2302) Currently its running a beta version of Insurgency 0.82 (UN version, so each squad is different, US/BAF/Etc) with ambient civilians and vehicles and I've added semi realistic artillery support script, transport requests (as per PITN's SOAR version) and cargo load/drop options for the helicopters. My next thought is to try out adding side missions (crash site extraction, convoys, capture insurgency leader) to the gameplay to make sure of the squad element. The aim of the server is simply to try out tweaks/scripts, and then make suggestions for the official Insurgency mod at Dev-Heaven. If anyone has any suggestions on what they might like to see added to Insurgency, send me a quick message and I will have a go at implementing it, if it works out I will pass on the idea to the Insurgency guys. TotalBoffin
  14. Loving Arma Server, Voice enabled teams!

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member of the forums and recently been playing Arma 2 and loving the Insurgency server, for all those involved with its setup and running many thanks indeed. I especially enjoy the games when the entire team are voice enabled, maybe its just me, but having team voice comms makes for a much better experience... I personally prefer the ingame comms to using teamspeak etc. For those who don't have mics or aren't using them, I would urge you to get one and try it out! On a side note, for tweaks/mods I was wondering how rigid is the team selection page? and whether some of the teams could be marked as preferred voice enabled teams, to help people organize themselves when launching a new game. Obviously we do get to know who is voice enabled quick enough but just thought a minor change to indicate to people which are going to prefer a voice enabled team might be useful? TotalBoffin.
  15. Vid Cards

    What power supply is fitted to the computer as that may well be a limiting factor, especially if you are going to SLi/Crossfire some of the newer cards.