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  1. Because of the people and the cooperation. All the members make every effort to engage everyone into the gameplay.
  2. Congrats!!!!
  3. Get well soon!
  4. I see this same error when I try to connect with the BF2:PR/COOP server the first time I try. I try a second time and it works. I have been seeing this since installing the .981 version
  5. Welcome!!
  6. Too funny
  7. Hang in there Bottom. Please don't give up, doctors can be wrong.
  8. Hey, I'm the chief bullet catcher around here! :) I look forward to seeing you on the server. Lamb
  9. I really am sorry for missing the event. Coop PR is my favorite game. But being in the hospital will put a cramp in your plans. Please lets try this again. i look forward to standing along side my friends and giving those bots a beating. Lamb
  10. I voted no, but I agree with TEDF, without additional players it's not a lot of fun. I have spent some time playing alone on the server. Sometimes players join sometimes they don't. I would miss playing COOP but i certainly understand the economics of keeping a server up when no one is using it. I am not sure what could be done to revive interest in the VG server.
  11. Sorry for your loss
  12. Swift Recovery, See you soon.
  13. I haven't had the issue yet. I am not running the sound mod. Just some data points to share.
  14. The tags look great! Makes me wish I could add the =VG= to my name.
  15. I would like to thank Blud and all of our retired and currently serving members of the military. Without you I believe our current freedoms we not be. Thanks, Lamb