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  1. Yours?
  2. ok...whos recording this...could be epic
  3. Cuz im in Kavelenkos squad...nah
  4. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  5. LOL Melon M.A.S.H. squad was a joke on BadPloy
  6. M.A.S.H. squad :-) :-) :-)
  7. What version of PR we running on? And do i need only to update PR...or BF2 aswell?
  8. ooooooh i wanna play too gonna need to prep PC for this next week...you know...updates and stuff.....this been a while i have played comms will be via teamspeak i guess....or is it more like arma ?
  9. Hey...euhm,where to start...well im 35,im from Belgium...i speak Dutch,French,English and a bit of German...very handy if people are calling you names in an other language and you can reply them :-) they are always amased :-):-) Been playing for a while now on Veterans Gaming server and must say i find myself comming back,meaning youre doing something good. I was in a clan in 2004 but that was for the battlefield 1942 mod desert combat (aaaaages ago ) Clan is no more...and i miss the friendship that you can have in such clans. Then BF2 came out but not many clanmembers liked that game...strangly i didnt either ( bloody arty f'es thing up) but then PR came and it changed my playing experience,man i can say im addicted to it. My nickname is Eclipse002...or Clippy for my friends. Im a good all rounder and i obey rules and commands. So...donno if you need more info..but thats it for now. Cheers
  10. Holy crap...this is ages ago :-) Im 42 now. :-) And im still a gamer...weird...guess the retirement home is gonna be filled with old gamers some day :-D Sorry to "bump" this old post :-)
  11. Hiya there...welcome home
  12. Greetings Good to see you back here.
  13. I miss you guys aswell...
    warning...fire warning...fire warning...fire left engine :-) :-)
  14. Airshow-Kleine-Brogel-2014

  15. ARMA2-VG

    Those are some....euh...big guns
  16. Looks good...not to many bright colors...nice and dark.
  17. B E A Utifull
  18. Cool stuff TEDDY
  19. lol
  20. looks awesome.
  21. !fans
  22. Samsung Galaxy S2