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  1. Used PlayWithSix to grab everything and had some flying around on the INsurgency server. SEemed really nice. Even managed to crash land safely in a village and take out some enemies before I got killed. Was weird hearing them yell in English outside the building I was held up in though. Now, if only there were some other players on the server whilst I played :-) Hope to be able to play it some more soon, been a while since I had time to do some ARMA and meanwhile the mods have improved (and the game a bit, as well... ). Hope we'll one day get 64-bit server+client, headless AI, loading/unloading mods without restarting and a ingame browser that doesn't use Gamespy (and thus suck). Cheers for making it easy to play with all the mods available on the repo :)
  2. Anyone got a zip with the required+optional mods for this?
  3. Awesome. Gonna grab this weekend.
  4. Neat. Server on stable or dev branch now. Any ideas when headless AI will make its way, I guess it should help a bit with performance on large scale engagements?
  5. From what I am reading it would seem that BIS need to assist on this issue (well as update to 64-bit to handle bigger workloads - would never thought COD/BF would hit 64-bit before ARMA). Thanks for your hard work :)
  6. 64-bit gaming on the PC :) (Finally!)
  7. Seems fun, shame its US only though.
  8. Hehe, that looks very Take On :)
  9. Is the addon pack updated with the latest?
  10. Good stuff :) Thx!
  11. ooo!
  12. Is the spec I have now.. Had to spec for C4 as the Ghost spec was totally unuseable. Guess I'll grind to 60-something to get better features overall ;)
  13. I'd go for the i7 as it has more cache if I am not mistaken (and more cores I believe). I have a water-cooling kit from Crucial for my cpu, seems to work very well.
  14. SavageCDN =VG= LAN_WROTE ... Well with this latest update most missions are broken or at least throwing tons of script errors :( :/ Hopefully fixed soon.
  15. Stable seems to be the way to go now that the 'issues' in alpha are fixed. Hopefully we'll avoid any new incidents until release -- so we can just play better and better scenarios meanwhile :) With the admin controls we used in alpha, will these no longer be useable and should switch to rcon or? haven't used rcon equivalent for years and years. Anyway, summers almost over :) Time to buy a new video card.