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  1. Latest and greatest

    Deleted everything. So guess it should work again now then :-P
  2. Oh man...

    The new site is sweet, take your time with the old stuff
  3. Arma 3 Server #2 - port 2412

    Used PlayWithSix to grab everything and had some flying around on the INsurgency server. SEemed really nice. Even managed to crash land safely in a village and take out some enemies before I got killed. Was weird hearing them yell in English outside the building I was held up in though. Now, if only there were some other players on the server whilst I played :-) Hope to be able to play it some more soon, been a while since I had time to do some ARMA and meanwhile the mods have improved (and the game a bit, as well... ). Hope we'll one day get 64-bit server+client, headless AI, loading/unloading mods without restarting and a ingame browser that doesn't use Gamespy (and thus suck). Cheers for making it easy to play with all the mods available on the repo :)
  4. Arma 3 ALiVE Test Event

    Anyone got a zip with the required+optional mods for this?
  5. =VG= Arma3 Alpha Server

    Awesome. Gonna grab this weekend.
  6. =VG= Arma3 Alpha Server

    Neat. Server on stable or dev branch now. Any ideas when headless AI will make its way, I guess it should help a bit with performance on large scale engagements?
  7. =VG= Arma3 Alpha Server

    From what I am reading it would seem that BIS need to assist on this issue (well as update to 64-bit to handle bigger workloads - would never thought COD/BF would hit 64-bit before ARMA). Thanks for your hard work :)
  8. 64-bit gaming on the PC :) (Finally!)
  9. Borderlands 2 Players Loot Hunt Event!!!

    Seems fun, shame its US only though.
  10. =VG= Arma3 Alpha Server

    Hehe, that looks very Take On :)
  11. Arma 3 "Clipped Wings" mission test

    Is the addon pack updated with the latest?
  12. =VG= Arma3 Alpha Server

    Good stuff :) Thx!
  13. =VG= Arma3 Alpha Server

  14. Payday 2 - Share Your Profile and Skills

    http://www.pd2skills.info/#/profile/c4-2399000-cash/ Is the spec I have now.. Had to spec for C4 as the Ghost spec was totally unuseable. Guess I'll grind to 60-something to get better features overall ;)
  15. Upgrading, need advice

    I'd go for the i7 as it has more cache if I am not mistaken (and more cores I believe). I have a water-cooling kit from Crucial for my cpu, seems to work very well.