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  1. PB

    Hi guys. Jarz here... Firstly, before i get to my problem. I fixed PR. so i will be playing project reality alot in the next days. But. I cant do that when PB is being a meanie ): . It looks like it wants me to go to evenbalance.com to update PB manually. i dont see where. i did PBsetup and PBsvc multiple times to no avail. I am using win7 64 bit. Thanks
  2. Im back!

    Blud is that - You chair! WTF!
  3. Im back!

    Hey, thanks for the wb's. Can you please enlighten me the Arma 2 IP? id like to catch up. Jarz
  4. Im back!

    Hi all! I wanted to inform you all i got ARMA 2 Working for my rig. though PR still wont quite work. I will see you all ojn the arma2 battlefield very soon! Jarz
  5. PR issues

    It wont let me delete the account, it Crashes for a second, then 30 second black screen, then Login Screen... I posted on the main forums. I miss you guys ):
  6. PR issues

    Hi guys. With the help of MelonMuncher on TS3. I was able to get into PR But my problem is this. He said it was a login error The Directory name H:\Documents and settings\J W ROSE\My Documents/Battlefield2/Profiles/default is invalid heres the other An error occurred while parsing video controls System.IO.IOException: The process cannot access the file 'H:\Documents and Settings\J W Rose\My Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\Default\Video.con' because it is being used by another process. Any Luck? i would really like to kill them baddies TONIGHT! but i suppose i can wait til tomarrow :D Thank you in advance Jarz
  7. My very own ipod touch...

  8. My very own ipod touch...

    hey guys, yesterday, i bought a ipod touch that was used by my stepdad. $20 dollars, not bad, i bought it. Problem is, when i go to appstore, it will say, "password" ( the password for the previous owners email) . so i talk to my stepdad, he gets me some songs and games. but now theres another one... but ill need his password. my solution : make a new apple ID : Question : will i lose all of my contents. i dont wanna lose anything on my ipod. the internet is all yes's and noes. so i resorted to ask you guys!. thanks in advance Jarz
  9. Crashing PR

    reinstall pr!?
  10. Crashing PR

    Hello, Id hate to post this because i wanted it to be a suprise, if you guys saw my last post you seen that i wouldnt have been on, i wanted to suprise you guys! but i srsly need help ! maybe all of you wont see this post :) I open pr - fine i click on the VG server - not fine I crash in the blink of an eye I have memories that i cant pinpoint of this happening. I deleted the Cache i believe. This has all happened after i got FH2... which i know doesnt go well with pr. any help? All the web solutions you need to give a email address or phone number, and ive signed up for something and my mom and dad get porn websites... dont wanna do that.. thanks in advance! Jarz
  11. My monitor freezes 5 minutes into watching a video...

    I think its the videocard. im going to run it without the vid card, if it crashes, then try safe mode, if that doesnt work, imma get a new pc, its as old 2002 ish
  12. [moved] Awesome Server

    Jarema ROFL
  13. PR - I wont be on soon

    Hi - Hence the Title, im building a Gaming Pc for Arma PR And BF3. so dont expect to see me on soon!
  14. My monitor freezes 5 minutes into watching a video...

    i recently reseated everything in my pc, then dusted it with compressed air. then plugged it into my tv. worked fine for a few days, same thing. it may be a pc problem