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    Thank you Major for the welcome. SIT update: Updates are installed and completed. After patching BMS 4.33.1 to 4.33.5, now the joystick not working. Anyways, shouldn't be an issue moving forward. Was able to configure and login for first time to BMS Server US and everything appears working as intended. Will proceed with training and re-learning the Viper and it's beautiful capabilities!
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    Veteran here, returning to F4 BMS with allied assistance, that's the plan so far. After my retraining on F4, will gladly enjoy the opportunity to engage in awesome game play with like individuals such as myself. Looking forward to the community and what all it entails. I am wondering and will be reading forum threads to find all my resources, online comms, additional updates, etc. Install has went fine to this point, but still have some questions remaining which shouldn't be too difficult with this Idiot. Hope to see you all soon.