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  1. Hi Guys, This my 1st contribution in this forum and I hope it can be of some help to anyone out there. The way to re-position the HUD, RWR, LMFD, RMFD, DED and PFL is the same as how you would move the windows around in the desktop view. 1. After enabling the windows for the above-mentioned items and launching the game, you will notice that on the top left-hand corner of your main screen will be blacked out as the gauges are consolidated in a corner (Left 0, Top 0). 2. To adjust/move each of the gauges, you will need to click on the black area and a new taskbar button will appear on your taskbar. 3. Mouse over the new taskbar button, a small thumbnail will appear on top of the new taskbar button, move your mouse over the icon and do a right click, a list will appear. 4. Select "Move" and press down arrow key. Then, you can use the mouse to move the gauge to the position as desired. 5. Repeat step 2 to 4 for the rest of the gauges. Hope this helps. Red
  2. Hello, Everyone!

    Thanks, guy!!!!
  3. Hello, Everyone!

    Hi CobaltUK, noted and thank you.
  4. Hello, Everyone!

    Hi CobaltUK, nope. Maybe that's another shade of red (another guy). This is my first time joining a community and doing online gaming. May I know if there is a trainer/lead who could help me with some sort of an orientation?
  5. Hello, Everyone!

    Greetings to Everyone, I am new to veterans-gaming and I am still learning the ropes on BMS 4.33 U5. Looking forward to fly with the team soon. Thank you. Red