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  1. I understand what your saying Xenalite, but thats only one possible outcome. The other posibility is they get a system that allows them to earn more money. And abuse it exponentially for crazy monitary gains.. which one is more likely? Fact is its handing the keys to the internet over to a company. You are handing the keys to one of the things we all love the most, to a "Money maker" that is literally what is happening, and if you think that will benifit you in a positive manner.. well thats just crazy in my opinion. There is very little to no companies around anymore that wouldn't screw you for some extra $$$$$$ hell even game companies are tragic for it now, there is no way you say to them "You could make untold amounts of money being greedy.." and they all just dont. Also, peering agreements are metered anyway most of the time.. So the argument you've given for it dosent have as much as a solid foundation as you'd assume.
  2. It is also worth noting, this act isnt just intended to throttle your speed. It provides complete control to the ISP over the lines they provide. They dont like Amazon because they wont pay them money? No more amazon from your ISP! They are arguing with Ebay? Throttle Ebays speeds to unsuable levels!
  3. In this scenario you'd simply say the word "Break" To indicate your changing points. You'd cut the first Break out because its still a priority contact report. And would have only one Break, In reality the stenance would read "BE ADVISED, I have six contacts, bearing 1-2-4 Degrees, from my position, One contact armed with an RPG. -BREAK- Advise APCs remain clear, Squad(Callsign) pinned down and require assistance. Over" The word break would usually be used but this is a long radio transmition (About 7 seconds) So the break in this could actually be either the word break stated or an actual break in the transmition. It depends on how heated the situation is if you dont have time to mess about with the radio you'd call the word break and continue. If you're able to sit and wait the 1.5 second break time then you can simply unkey the radio wait and rekey to continue the point. The main point of speaking on a radio is just getting your point across quickly. These communication tips are used because it standardises. It dosent mean you can't break the protocal to get something across quickly.
  4. This reminds me of arma Acre comms, Feel like a lot of you would get a kick out of it. Leading a 9 man squad, 2 fireteams with a short range squad net (That can be broken by terrain) with a long range Platoon net, and then a company net with company assets such as MBT's and air on. So much communication going on and these processes have to be stuck to for the sake of sanity not just to look good. So many callsigns and voices operating on everynet. Think you'd all love that. Its very nice when you have to have squads relaying things to command and such due to you being in a large depression or such and the actual radio signals come in broken often in those times. Only bit of info thats worth noting, maybe not applicable in this scenario but as general information. When you call "HowCopy?" The answer is rated as "How much can you understand?" And "What is my signals strength?" So "How Copy?" "3 by 2 at this time." "Wait one, Adjustment." "How copy?" "5 by 4. Solid Copy." As well as the word "Repeat" should never be used upon net as its a signal for a repeated ordanace usage and could me mistaken at anytime. Repeat is a Battle Damage Assessment Keyword for Return to strike target.
  5. " Assets squads may be locked if the squad leader is waiting for a slow loading player. (Friend who is going to fly cobra with player) It cannot be locked if there are other assets to use. " Too me. This Suggests you may lock the squad if the squad is based around one two man asset. This rule isn't exactly clear on the topic but It does seem unfair to lock a squad with multiple assets because you want your friends to have them. - It would work if people were reasonable and would give it to for instance Brian next round. But lets be honest. That's not going to happen so if the rule is literally you can lock squads so your friends can have assets then its punishing people for not being able to pay for a better computer because Hell if I know. Maybe Brian has 4 teenage kids a wife and a mortgage and insurance hes paying. Hardly seems fair.
  6. Would say AMD, over NVIDIA just cant beat the price comparison. Any draw backs (Which i've never suffered personally.) are pretty much worth the essentially half price. Plus you wont actually feel those drawbacks for enough years that saving a few each year for your next build will cover it easily. Also heard a lot of complaints about NVIDIA Drivers being a pain. Ram everyone has said it. 2x16GB Because why not future proof. That Tower case should be fine and probably leaves air-cooling as a legitimate option if you don't want to spend the extensive sum required for WaterCooling. Worth it but only if your running pretty hot as it is now. Power supplies as already noted Get yourself a good brand I use SuperFlower and have only praise. 80+ Platinum is definitely recommended.
  7. The units page has been around for about a year now. Its pretty low profile though.
  8. Hey man! Welcome!
  9. Hell of a class game.
  10. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/702911793098470358/44B8F1B2A7DD429D90C0C86A2A3A4F2441CBC9E1/ Lovely relaxing drive. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/702911250748656710/AFCAE50E550B322358A80390E02A60507856B102/ TEDF Looking really operator holding down a position during an ambush. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/702910294865133467/BFDD9C79A52406F802A1D6DD5B15474CEAD5565B/ Long Treck through the jungle. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/695028591053432669/F4DB75E17ACE516BA8B4F6A935A952F986CD2F6B/ Some strange stuff happened in this building. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/688271870989426516/D5C02B24189A8BFC9278D74D5A22D2E84AA1F1DA/ One of those moments that just makes you smile. Sometimes, arma just gets it right. Never seen this death animation before and never since. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/688271717930828491/4F6328442BD467BC6BC0231537711D3B2E87C7EB/ Some hardcore combat in base. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/540776539670738211/5EE62F63090EA6258E65736A8A437D9BE0B913BC/ Did someone say bunkerbuster? http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/520512150737798131/AC9A7C9DE872BB1FCAF09F6F5769CDD7AF8B8FE0/ Love firing out the RHS humvees!
  11. Cheers for editing them Sem, I have like 800 pictures or something stupid so I'll be reserved with them:P
  12. We had a session today with Bradley's.. Was epic fun, Communicating with my respective squadleader "Calv" Via shortrange radio keeping him nice and close. Epic action lots of explosions lots of casualties on both sides. Victory!
  13. Take a tonne of screenshots weekly ingame, thought I'd make a place to collect these thats more public than my steampage. Sem offered to sort the Links so cheers for that one buddy! Headed into a city with the intend to destroy a factory complex, things went pretty south. Headed in for a touchdown with 3xLittlebirds and a Blackhawk, very tight spacing. My machinegunner showing everyone what overwatch is really about! Pre-mission briefing and warm-up. Successful mission with only a single fatality. As you can probably tell, Me and TEDF had a very interesting battle behind this vehicle. House full of friendlies got hit by a T-72 Toughest and most inspiring car I've ever used for cover. "Extract is canceled." If you look closely, there's more than just my plane and a burning plane in this picture.. New guys showing very good Discipline. The lovely view of Arma 3.
  14. I do agree A message would be helpful but You've got to decide on one that covers the base you need without Alienating newplayers or making them feel unwelcome. Not a problem with the suggestion for a message as long as its not all like "Y'all new players need to get lost!" orientated;)
  15. DonChris LAN_WROTE ... Also happens that there is "beginner" or "train" squads, wich in my opinion, are not welcome to the VG COOP, cause the VG comunity is based on experience and TeamPlay across all squads. Maybe =VG= could expand the Server Message showing in the upper left screen to make clear that this ist not a train server, as i understand that VG COOP isnt a train server. I'm not sure where you came under the opinion that VG is not a training friendly server because its definetly where I learned to play PR as well as a few other of the VG Members. I'm pretty sure its always been intend to be a friendly atmosphere where experienced players are more than welcome to share tips with newer players. - I Dont think its very TeamPlay based to tell people they cant play with us because they have too little experience. I thought that in all honesty all VG servers were intended to be a friendly place where Veterans and newguys play together and produce a productive atmosphere. Where else are people going to learn teamplay? By themselves somewhere?.... - I feel my posts sometimes come across somewhat aggressive so I feel I Should clarify this isnt any jabs Its just a discussion. I dont think really that a message is needed its not awfully difficult to iron out a newguy and teach him how to play at least a rifleman in 2 minutes with a bit of effort. I Think its more than enough to just be positive like I hear of M823us and be respectful to new guys. Do you really want to put up a wall and put a sign on it saying newguys not welcome here? I'm guessing not. I like to think I play on all of the VG servers with the intention of training to get better at what I do otherwise theres very little point to it at all for me. (Feel free to tell me NO! Your wrong! + Insert opinion)