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  1. Issues getting on BMS server

    There is no version number present in the lower right corner. Perhaps I didn't install the updates to U5 correctly? I am at 43.3 download and 4.50 upload. Hard line with router only. Everything static. I am still working at it. I downloaded the incrementals and installed them correctly I thought to U5. Oh and I even pinholed BMS so the firewall won't block me from connecting too. Update...So yeah I completely installed the updates wrong. Hopefully when I am done it works....
  2. Issues getting on BMS server

    Hello everyone! Firstly, to introduce myself, my name is Robert. So the other day I discovered this site and decided that I wanted to jump on the server and perhaps fly with anyone, even though I do not have team speak or even a head set yet. Easy fixes for that. The main issue is when I was following the steps to log in the server nothing was working. I followed everything exactly how it was posted and I even followed the port forwarding steps by Krause on YouTube. I am usually pretty good at trouble shooting, but I am still unable to connect. Is having windows 7 an issue? Do I need special permissions to connect? I am am only posting because I am out of ideas and I have been trying for a few days. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated, as I think it would be fun to fly and conduct missions with others. Thanks!