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  1. Ohh My!! Someone had a grand time!! Welcome back Matey!!
  2. How did it go? Did you guys have fun?
  3. Welcome to the Community. I am sure you will get all the assistance and support from the many offcionados we have in our merry band. Enjoy the adventure.
  4. Howdy and Welcome Back to the Adventure. May Your Game Time Be Grand!!
  5. Welcome Back, Soldier!! Glad to see you are heading once more into the breech!! May your Game time Be Some Great times and adventures!!
  6. Try resizing the picture and re-saving it. The other alternative is to copy and paste the content into a new file, in your image editor and saving that. Thus losing any "artifacts" from the previous file.
  7. Welcome to the community. If you seek camaraderie, Team Spirit and fantastic game play, then you have definitely come to the right place. Enjoy the adventure!!
  8. Happy Birthday, Matey!!

  9. Glad you could drop by. No worries, Matey. Real life always takes precedence.
  10. Felicitations and Wonderment!! Here's to a bright future of top class camaraderie and team spirit in, as he said, The Best Gaming Community on the Planet!!
  11. Welcome back and thanks for spending your gaming time with us in this Grand Community.
  12. Good Luck and Great Game Play Guys!! Make Adventures and Sing Songs about them!! Or just let us know how it went in this fantastic forum!!
  13. Greetings FrankoIT. Great to hear from you. Real life does take its due. May your Game Time Forever be Exciting and Fresh!!
  14. Welcome to the Community. Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us and help us continue to build the best gaming community on the planet.
  15. Greetings And Welcome. Thanks for working to make the PR Game the best ever and most enjoyable Military SIm.