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    Originally Trained as a Graphic Designer in the '80s, Got involved with Early DTP, Multimedia and Video production. In the 90's moved into all things Internet, (Design and Programming.) Now Interested in all things 3D From a creative perspective.

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  1. Long time no see Matey? How have you been? Catch you out there. Soon!!

    1. =VG= 1Sg.Morrison

      =VG= 1Sg.Morrison

      Play most time with Hans CoH 2 and world of Warships. Would like to find a game more VG member play...

    2. WCCBadploy


      I feel your pain.

      Been really busy with other things lately so gaming with PR is on the back burner for a while.

      I usually play STO for the DOFFs and Episodes which are like set plays. Player name is, you guessed Badploy!!

  2. Happy Birthday Bro - have a nice day :smiley-says-happy-birthday:

    1. WCCBadploy


      Thanks Matey. Much Obliged. I have cake and pastry waiting for tonight!!! LOL!!

  3. Welcome to the Community. PR as you can see is a great team play experience. In fact, I can say it is one of the best on offer, regardless of genre.
  4. Welcome to the Community and Thank you for your Service.
  5. Ahhh... Them were the days!!! It was always a joy to get home and know you were going to be the envy of all your team mates cos you could hover or evade ground troops, (both IA and Human), when dropping them off in a COOP, CTF or Conquest round.
  6. LOL!! verb (used without object), persevered, persevering. 1. to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly. 2. to persist in speech, interrogation, argument, etc.; insist. verb (used with object), persevered, persevering. 3. to bolster, sustain, or uphold: e.g., unflagging faith that had persevered him. If you have done all these and more, Young Paduwan, Then you are a "Persever"
  7. know me better

    Welcome, Grasshopper. Thanks for looking in. You will learn a lot from being part of the Team effort. There will always be someone in game to assist and support your development and skills. The quickest way to achieve this is to observe the experienced players and Squad Leaders. Please join the relevant squads, be polite and follow orders. Most of all relax and have fun. See you out there.
  8. Famous saying... ""Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life!!"" I can't remember if it was Jobs or Lucas who said it? Probably both!!
  9. Keep up the good work, stay the course and believe in yourself. I learnt to fly using the Joystick. BF1942 Desert Combat Mod.... After I mastered the Apache and the Little Bird, (That was a Rodeo!), I became fully proficient in flying helicopters in the "BF Universe". That commitment saw me through all the Great BF 1942 Mods, BF Vietnam, BF2 and now Project Reality, although I don't really like to fly in game. It's akin to learning to ride a bike. It simply depends on how determined you are to succeed. Because no matter how long it takes, if you keep at it, you will. You also join a very exclusive club too. The "Perseverers" LOL!!
  10. Welcome to the Community. Please Join us in game whenever you can. May You Continue to have Safe Skies & Fair Winds!!
  11. Greetings, Digital Soldier. Welcome to the Best Gaming Community on the Planet!!
  12. Great stuff here Guys. As is always the case, you folks continue to showcase that Good People are forever Proactive in their support for the community. Doing whatever you can to help every level of player be better at what to do, in support of the team during their playing of our chosen games. Well done and good luck with the Tutorial endeavours.
  13. Greetings & Welcome to the Community.
  14. Greetings and welcome to the community.
  15. How did it go?