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  1. Howdy y'all!

    Welcome to the Community with the Best Team Oriented Folks on the Planet.
  2. Hello, Everyone!

    Welcome Matey. Have a grand time with the many folks in this august community.
  3. We're Back!!

    Till then, let's keep calm and carry a big stick! The world needs policing regardless of the end game.
  4. We're Back!!

    I thought they had sorted this out in 2012-13?
  5. We're Back!!

    All i know is while we can't top the Yanks, at least no little tin pot wannabe will mess with us parked right on their door step.
  6. Hello

    Welcome to the Community. May your game time be Phenomenal!!
  7. We're Back!!

    Phew!! Finally, we are back at sea with a big stick of sorts. About time too. Go Royal Navy!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-45687169/hms-queen-elizabeth-fighter-jets-take-off-and-land-for-first-time It's has been hard to "keep calm" knowing that we had lost that vital capability to project power as well as reach out and touch those that need a smack. (embeded link from above:)
  8. Smoke for bots

    Impressive work and a massive congratulations to all the team that worked on this feature and other fantastic updates. For a game engine that has been around for such a long time it is inspiring and impressive to see continued success in moving the goal post and pushing the frontiers of software development, while having fun and looking cool at the same time. Onwards and upwards!!
  9. A bit late

    Greetings and Welcome to the Community.
  10. Please check out this article on the BBC about the power and value of gaming friendship and community support. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-45651739 If ever you needed an example to put across to non gaming folks, I think this fits the bill.
  11. Hi everyone

    Welcome to the community. May your Game time be Epic!!
  12. Heyy all

    Welcome to the Adventure. May Real life be filled with similar elements of fun, as you will always get that here, playing and collaborating with our Merry Band!!
  13. This looks like a good place to land! Hello everyone.

    Welcome to the Community. Thank you for all your kind words and insights. Many Your Rebiuld and Game Time Be Glorious!!
  14. Introduction

    Welcome to the Adventure and the Best Gaming Buddies you will ever have!! May Your Gaming be Glorious!!
  15. So many changes...

    Welcome Back, Digital Soldier!!. Here's to you making a full recovery. All will be well. Especially with you lighting up the firmament of VG.