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  1. Happy Birthday Matey!!

  2. Impressive!! Don't leave us hanging, Soldier!! Please give us some context. What did you do? How did you do it? Were they "honorable" Deaths? (LOL!) Letting us know how you feel is not enough. We are intrigued!!
  3. I spent the whole weekend cleaning out a lasercutter... I wish I had time to attend. Any Videos or highlights of this epic event? Please share!!
  4. Nice to hear from you Matey. See you soon!!
  5. Saucy Sausage, here?? Ohh My!! Hmm... I wonder if we will get the same recipe-- I mean version of sausage, here?? LOL!! Welcome to the Site, Matey!!
  6. Welcome, Welcome and thanks for considering to serve our country. It is a calling few will make, so those that do, like your good self are greatly appreciated. Especially here in this awesome community. I hope to see you back whenever you can. Stay safe and stay honourable.
  7. Thanks for the explanation. I did not realise it was going to be so disruptive to game play. It was just a thought, anyway.
  8. Would it be possible to get the Command detonation option returned to the BLUFOR Engineer and Breacher? I know it is not available in Deployment, but COOP doesn't have to be the same. The current set up takes a key strategic option off the table that can be of vital tactical benefit, especially as a last resort. I have wished many a time on Mutrah, at North City, when we are over run by Armor to have that fall back plan to help clear the road. One never knows. It may prove so popular the PR Devs may reintroduce it to regular Deployment. Thoughts, Comments?
  9. Ahhh... Them were the days. Steamrolling over the enemy with so much back up and squad interaction. When we first started way back when, there was such tight cooperative team play, we only had to worry about not ending the round too early!! If tweaks like this help bring back the spirit of direct team work it can only be a good thing. After all nothing ventured, nothing gained, ay?
  10. Welcome to the Site. Thanks for posting and being part of the VG Online Community Spirit. See you out there and enjoy the adventure.
  11. Great Stuff there Matey!! I can certainly relate!! Many of us have similar "Return to PR" stories. Gaming should be fun and relaxing too. Especially in good company of which is in abundance in the VG 'Verse. Many a time I have had a clear head and new focus after a good gaming session with great team players. See you out there.
  12. Welcome. LOL!! The Merry Players and Team Jokers are always welcome. Bringing joviality to game play is very much a plus. A must have for any community looking to lift the spirits and fire the imagination of fellow Gamers. After all, there are many ways to enjoy the adventure! See you out there.
  13. Its your birthday, Its your birthday, many happy returns!!

  14. We see you!! You are duly acknowledged and noted!! LOL!!
  15. Welcome, Welcome!! Thank you for looking in on the VG Community. Your support and camaraderie is greatly appreciated. Especially as you are interested in roles that help your team mates. Loyal Squad and team players are always highly valued here. You all definitely shape game play and infuse team spirit. See you out there soon.