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Structures+ Mod Workshop

Playing on Airbats server with the Structures+ mod; one of the worst things about the vanilla game is the building system, and Structures+ takes away 90 percent of the problems, and adds a cool round crafting table for all the items in the mod (which include most every vanilla item with new S+ features attached).

The round S+ tables also have a sizable inventory (300), so I've placed 3 of them within reach of my 3 main industrial machines (forge, fabricator, chemistry station) and I sunk the smithy into the forge body so only the anvil is exposed.  Looks great, and I can craft multiple items at once from one spot without moving.

Best part:  if I'm a ways from this spot outside building some wall, and I run out of "wall blocks" and need just a couple more, I don't need to run inside to those tables - I can just open my inventory and "pull" the items for any blueprint I can craft on foot so long as I'm near my base.  A little "cheaty", but it is optional and saves time if needed.

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