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Dutch Forces in Action Feat. Vincent

Just another day in Dovre, the map is completely broken for Opfor Fridays, since the first two CPs being capped by the Dutches, the game play is not really that long, but it still impressive, really wanted to play this map some other time. I'm hoping someone could fix this layout, the Winter one is already built for Opfor, but the Original one doesn't much.. :( 


This action taken while Vincent suppressing enemy fire in the small house at West Fields along with some friendly infantries inside, where Russians keep engaging us outside, nowhere and hard to detect yesterday. As Machine Gunner, the FN MAG w/h C79 Elcan is weapon of choice for him while in my Squad ( MMG not visible in screenshot since the "hand" was broken )


" What happen to your hand, Vincent? Looks broken-! :P I'll take a screen shot and upload them in VG later "

*Vincent laughs*


Reminds me of suppressing fire in modern FPS/TPS games lol :P 


- Inch

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