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PBAsydney's fighter & my Python

PBAsydney got himself an Imperial Cutter and a Fighter Ship Bay for it - took some pics of him flying around my Python.  Those fighters might look small, but they can fly circles around any ship, literally - and they can pack a decent punch once upgraded a bit.

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I used to buy cheap joysticks.  Used to buy them every 8 months it seemed... after any warranty was over, of course.  Good brands, too - Saitek, Logitech, etc.  $40-60 per stick adds up.  Not to be a shill, but the Saitek X52 seems to be made of proper electronics and plastics - I've had this same one for well over 3 years now, and it's still working great.  If I have a point here to make, it's that even a used Saitek X52 off Craigslist, Amazon, or Ebay might be a good investment when it's affordable to a gamer because they are made from "the right stuff".  The "Pro" X52 is even sturdier than the one I have, according to friends, and an equally sound investment that will last for thousands of hours of use, unlike the cheap sticks I used to buy.  Try to upgrade someday if find your chosen "cheap" stick failing after only several months of use.  Of course, it's an expensive stick by comparison, but you truly get what you pay for with regards to PC flight sticks.

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I would personally stay clear of Saitek for the time being. Their old sticks were excellent, but then Mad Katz bought the brand and the build quality plummeted. Logitech did purchase the brand recently, but I assume they are still selling the old Mad Katz sticks with terrible build quality right now. 

I had an X-55 that lasted me around 2 months before switches and buttons stopped working. Bought myself a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and never looked back. That shit ain't cheap though. 

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