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Sorry I haven't been around (Good bye).

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Hi guys,

I know it's been awhile.  Sorry I haven't been around.  I just wanted to say good bye.  

I lost my job, in December, due to illness.  I was recently diagnosed as Diabetic.

Strangely, in order to get financial help from various government programs, I have to be looking for a job.  I can't stand for more than 15 minutes at a time, can't wear shoes due to the phantom feet pain (?), my kidney pain keeps me in bed or in a chair most of the day.

In the past, I helped manufacture Synthetic Peptides for a "GMP" laboratory.  I provided Sales/Customer/Technical services to North & South America, Australia, and UK, all at the SAME TIME - which made for extremely long work days.   BTW, I do not have a College degree.

I also used to be a Certified Clubfitter for practically every Golf manufacturer.  I worked for a major Golf equipment manufacturer and large Golf retailer in management and worked for several semi-private and private Golf Courses.  And believe it or not, sometimes I had to work triple shifts ...in the golf retail - go figure.  I don't play anymore due to repetitive stress injuries.  

Oh, I also built my own computers. 

I'm not afraid of work.  I have a phone and a computer (for the time being).  So, if you know of any jobs whereby I can work from home at my computer - please let me know.     

Other than that, life is great.....sarcasm :rofl:  

I really enjoyed playing PR and the people I've met have been a joy to interact with.  I wish you guys all the best.  If I find some kind of medication that works, I'll try and jump on, but it doesn't look good for now.

I'll check back for any responses and provide contact info, if you have any job recommendations.

Take care everyone.


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Hey man no worries at all.  Believe it or not I was a case manager in addition to being a clinical therapist currently and they do have a lot of opportunities.  Something that I would recommend finding is a vocational specialist, they can help find a job that would be most beneficial for you.  Something that they may not offer is transcript job, aka the people that put closed captioning on movies or shows.  These are always going to be in demand.  

But overall, good to know that you are still alive and kicking.  Sorry about your new diagnosis, it is life altering and does call for drastic changes.  

Best of luck with everything and take care of yourself!


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Holy crap Man! WTF why didn't ya come back in December? We could have talked I narrowly missed becoming diabetic myself, went on a special diet lost 36kg, and no sign of becoming Diabetic according to my GP after 12 months of effort. If you're T2D message me offline for some info, if you want it.

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Sorry to hear that mate. I hope things take a turn for the better. I myself am going through a rough spot. I managed to get a part-time job "out of my range of possibilities" and I am "overqualified" for it. But I can do the job. Doesn't bring in enough cash but it's a start. I wish there was more I could do or say to help. 

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All will work out.

Being positive and proactive in all we do is a great help in life.

You have shown that you have what it takes in your write up and even in your game play.

Onwards and Upwards.


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