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Hey guys, Sorry i have not been able to be on the server as often as i normally am. I have had full calendars of flights for January and February pretty much looks the same. This is occurring as we all know Chicago has been getting a lot of bad weather in the past weeks. Chicago is a major Hub for American and due to the sheer amount of pilots that called in sick, my Hub being so close to Chicago basically have to pick up the slack by dead hopping in and out and taking up flights.

Anyway Ill try to be in. You will see me from time to time. Hope everyone has had a great year so far and STAY WARM.

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Hey man no worries, just glad you are alive and well.  Hope to see you when you get a chance to have some self care time for yourself!

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Hay CNJ dead hopping, well i hope you don't have to, eat the passengers MREs hahah, have fun flying about  : ) good pilots, will be missed xx 



A gift for the cockpit, hope it makes things easier:)


HatcoUGFF Ultra-Glo" Portable French Fry Warmer 



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