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=VG= 1Sg.Morrison

7 Days to Die

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Hello my friends from Veterans Gaming.

Its a long long time ago i post something. I was busy fighting WW2 with Hans and Ace as a Company of Heroes ;)

Now that 7 Days to Die is Alpha 17 and got a lot of new Stuff including Cars and Bikes i rent a Server wit some friends and play it again.

I called the Server Veterans-Gaming and its Password protected. If some of you guys wanna join and play with us  you are very Welcome to play with us.

We play as Team, means no stealing ore killing. PVE only.  You can go alone ore with us.

I got 10 Slots and so far wwe are only 3 people. Add me on Steam and ask for the PW.

Steam Name is 1Sg.Morrison and i got the Dixie flag as pictures.

I would like to see some of you guys, main language is German but we can speak english as well ;) if you join.

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It is a DayZ Minecraft mix

There are bugs and there will be bugs allways i guess. But i love the Game and its fun to play

I startet in Alpha 6 with Oni a few years ago when it was look like Minecraft. They change a lot since then and all changes are really good.

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Well i played it quite a bit with tedf and once you figure out you can just use the wrench to get metal , fuel and basically all high value stuff its kinda a GG concept. 

We came to a point where simply building your base underground is the best option as you only need to cover the roof with concrete and they can wack at that the entire day. 
You also come to a pain where raiding/looting buildings is not really usefull as the yield is low.

This adding to the fact an area has to be inactive for several (realtime) days for the loot to respawn. This made it that you HAD to use a minibike to get anywhere with new loot. As we expanded the map the LAG became horrendous.

While i can understand its kinda a PVP game playing it coop style hugely lacks the getting shot at.
I would have personally liked to see some AI patrolling the area that have a good skill and decent loot on them to seek some fighting confrontation. 

I used to play Dayz origins (arma 2 dayz with mods) cus it had this feature with patrolling AI that kept the game interesting. however the devs of this mod where .... (force pay for servers) and bohemia punished them as they deserved 



Ill see maybe i install the game again and join in.

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