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Mic won't work in PR

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Help.  My mic won't work in Project Reality.

When I go into my windows10 settings, my mic works.  When I exit windows 10 audio settings, my mic stops working and doesn't work in game.

I've gone through the mumble settings and selected my headphones/mic.  Gone through the mumble wizard - no mic audio.

In-game, when I press my talk key, I hear the beep.  I see my mic icon light up - both for squad and team chat (blue and green speaker icon).

The other players don't see my icon light up though.

My mic works for Teamspeak, Discord and other games.

I haven't configured my mic in PR for windows10 so not sure what's going on.

Any help would be appreciated.

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is the problem still acute?
do you have possibly turned on the mobile function?


do you have an additional mixer for the sound card? often onboard sound cards have their own mixer. if you have set something different there as in the windowsmixer, the two could possibly get confused.

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