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Should we invest?

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Sounds like a solution for every gamer £30 a month and you get to play high end games,edit videos, us 3D modelling programs etc, of course you would have to test if you get and stutters,lag spikes, how good your ping is and if it's good to play games,if not it's good for graphic and cpu intensive programs, and you would not have to worry about upgrading ever again.



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I am always doubtful with this due to delays.

You have an input delay and a feedback delay. Unless these are stable and low it is highly doubtful. 

I stream quite some games to my TV using steamlink and yes it is quite good but even then I can notice some shutters, and this is on local network (fully CAT7 shielded wire) 

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Really doesn't see that good of deal to me.

  • Different subscription levels £39.95 per month, £98.85 every three months (£32.95 per month), £323.4 every year (£26.95 per month).
  • They recommends at least 15mbs connection and to use wifi.
  • They will shut the PC down randomly for 'optimal allocation of IT resources'.
  • Input delays, latency, etc. seems to be bigger issue. 
  • Have to spend an extra £7.95 (with possible deposit up to £265) or buy out right for £109.95 their Shadow Box to cut down on input delays.
    • They list power input and headphone jacks as proof the box is 'Incredibly advanced'.
  • Any game that requires a 1080 / CPU that good will take up a load of that 256GB HDD and you have to pay more for extra space.
  • Also bit iffy on what type Xeon you're assigned and what their criteria for a 1080gtx equivalent is.

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A independent german hardware and software site was able to test the service in their Paris headquarters in April. The first impression was positive.

Link to the article in german (Use Google Translate): https://www.computerbase.de/2018-04/blade-shadow-cloud-gaming-pc/

Relevant section about latency, translated with Google Translate:


The biggest compliment that could be made in the company's office after the first scan was the editor's question as to whether this had just been done locally or streamed from the server. In Doom, even on a 144 Hz monitor and on-site comparison, it was impossible to tell whether it was rendered locally or in the cloud.

As long as everything goes as planned, as with Nvidia's GeForce Now, there's nothing wrong with getting started in competitive games with the cloud gaming PC and defending the hard-won rank. The conditions were also optimal with a 1 Gbit / s line and only 100 km as the crow flies to the data center via the French network.

Interesting to note that the company just aquired a new datacenter in Amsterdam which (at least for German users AFAIK) reduces latency, acc. to the Shadow "to a significant degree". Their other datacenter is in Paris. 


The site also did a test of the BETA version of nVidia Geforce Now (still german): https://www.computerbase.de/2018-01/geforce-now-nvidias-spielestreaming-test/

Translated tl;dr:
Nvidia GeForce Now game streaming on the PC is now available as a beta for Windows. In the test surprise the low latency and the huge game selection. Only the picture quality stutters again and again. Curious: With the EVGA Precision X tool, the Tesla P40 can be tuned in the cloud.


I would consider myself a traditional PC gamer and I am certainly not in their main demographic. For me, building a PC is part of the Gaming experience because its so much fun. Nothing better than receiving package after package with new fancy hardware. Won't ever pay nobody to take that away. But hey, if it makes some peoples life easier. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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