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PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

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4 hours ago, CptHawk said:

As far as I'm aware, the FOB assets are the only ones giving off the bugged warning. I have not seen nor heard of the issue being replicated on any normal vehicle assets on any map so far, are you sure your in a squad with the right kit and not trying to use a bot specific asset?


This is where I need your help: first enter a map as squad leader, change kits to a crewman, find a "2 man tank/AAV/APC" , enter the tank or asset of choice & you automatically occupy the driver's seat, next press either F1 or F2 and let me know what happens. You must be in a 2 man with no other troops inside.

Next, find a Blackhawk or Huey, select the pilot kit and enter the Huey/Blackhawk pilot seat, then hit F1 or F2 once again and let me know what happens. the aircraft must be clear of any other troops. (I don't generally fly helicopters)

I understand it's not accepted protocol to use a 2 man armoured vehicle on Vets however, you must remember not all servers have the luxury of having enough players to fully man 2 man vehicles and although there is "usually" a 40 odd second delay before the gun comes up, you did have the option of using it when required, sometimes necessity on a map is the Mother of invention !!!

My activities on Project Reality cover numerous years as many on Vets would be aware of and I do know the difference between a BOT and flyable helicopter and what kit is required to use the asset.

Thanks once again.

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I didn't mean to offend you and I apologize if I did so, But I also do not know the back ground of everyone that comes on here and trouble shooting common problems first is a standard.

I speak out of playing almost everyday since the update and I have not seen this issue when I use any asset. My experience on the server tends to be on the Aviation side of it as well as heavy armor assets and in the last several days I've had drivers leave the vehicles while the gun was still active and myself nor my fellow crewmen have experienced this issue.

On Operation Merlin as well as Wanda shan, myself and a friend took a tank, he wanted to drive, so when I got to the tank I jumped in and switch to gunner with no issue. The same with Attack Helicopters, I prefer to fly and he guns, he got to the bird first and switch to the gun and had no issues (Muttrah and Al Basrah) . myself and Chickenjason can also confirm that soloing the SPAA on black gold will not reproduce this issue either. And I have not seen the issue with the F15 on Khami or the Chinese equivalent on black gold. I can also pull from a few regular players on VG and double check if they have had any issues, but so far they have only reported the FOB assets.

And to the point of trans helicopters, you cannot have a pilot kit and be in any of the passenger seats of the bird, that has been apart of the game for awhile now.

That being said, are you on a specific map that this occurs, or does this effect you on every map or server you play on.

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The loading times are not dependent on your connection speed but on your harddrive speed.

To explain this.

on the same network (ping of 14ms to VG server)

my old computer (1th gen SSD) loading time 2 min

my old game pc (until Friday (ramdrive PR)) loading time 55 sec

my MacBook 40 seconds

my new computer (2 Samsung 970 pro in raid 0) loading time 20 seconds.

(note that I do expect you have a reasonable CPU that can handle the game) 


my network didn’t change but my loading times did. So your argument that loading depends on the server is totally invalid. The only increase portforwarding and fixing your internal IP (NOT PUBlC) is that programs as mumble could be a micro second faster as they do not pass thought your firewall. (As mumble is loaded all the time this does not affect your loading speed) 

The game is packed into zip files (9gb core) and when loading the map (1gb) it needs to unpack the map and load the content. The faster your  drive can do this, the faster you load and can connect to the server and receive additional data as player info (this is done in the spawn menu) 

a way to reduce lag is remove the main menu movie (cus it is loaded even when you play) and in some some situations installing Reshade could boost it (mixed results some systems go faster other go slower) 

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Yep it wont work.
you could change the parameters but that would be way way to much work. Loading the game into your RAM (ramdrive) will speed it up quite fast) also forcing PR to run on any other core then 0 could speed it up (affinity) 

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It is not broken it is a feature. Like I did break Shahadah STD but the map was overplayed so it is good to put it in the icebox. (Just fucked up the layers should be fixed next update) 

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On 8/16/2018 at 2:17 AM, .Blizzard. said:

Still... The deployable assets don t work... (except fob)


16 hours ago, =VG= Double_13 said:

It is not broken it is a feature. ...

I highly doubt that deployable assets not working is a feature of the game.  It is a broken mechanic however it happened, and was not planned nor designed that way -- if it is an unintended consequence of any other updated feature (i.e. deployment) then it is still a broken mechanic, and not a feature.

Because of this...

3 hours ago, =VG= Double_13 said:

No timeline on next update.

an update will only come when the devs need to patch something for deployment 

...we will likely take it upon ourselves to fix these things in the pythons (or elsewhere) in order to have a working version of this game in COOP Mode on the VG Server at least, until such time as those fixes become part of an official update / patch.  Don't expect an ETA, and don't expect it to happen overnight, but we've discussed this previously and it is an option we have to fix the game when no other fix is pending/possible.


In hopes of avoiding janky updates/features in the future, VG will be providing a dedicated server testing environment to the PR COOP Devs and Contributors, they have already requested it, and we're happy to help out with the development and refinement of the PR COOP Game mode.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding! :drinks:


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