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On 7/22/2018 at 2:17 AM, CobaltUK said:

Someone ( =VG= Kavalenko ) finally mentioned flight sims which was referred to in the OP. I would be interested Vertigo to hear a little detail of the flight sim center you run. What sim/sims are they ?

CobaltUK. We do mostly WWII dogfights using IL2 1946 on 8 networked flight stations. A separate cockpit to simulate the A-10, is beefed up for VR where we fly DCS stuff, and other things like Discovering Space 2, Apollo 11, etc. Move the cockpit aside, and then we can kill zombies in VR. Nothing fancy though, everything is homemade. We transport four flight stations, or did until my van died, to fly-Ins and various aerospace educational activities, such as the Aviation Merit Badge.

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17 hours ago, Vertigo said:

I introduced PR to the Vets and they liked it. They were glued to the keyboard.

Haha Awesome : )

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